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Dr. Simon Duan – Parallel universes: can we model them theoretically and explore them experimentally?

Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of quantum mechanics holds that there are many worlds which exist in parallel at the same space and time as the physical world. However, as other worlds are not physically observable, materialistic science approach cannot investigate them effectively.

It appears that in order to study non-physical existence, new theoretical frameworks need to be established that not only explain non-physical experience but also provide structures for systematic experimental investigation of non-physical world.

In a recently proposed metacomputics model, it is presumed that an operating computer exists in Platonic realm. Key points of the model are as following;
•        The platonic computer is made by, of, with, from Consciousness.
•        i.e., Consciousness is hardware as well as software for the platonic computer
•        Consciousness (power to conceive, to perceive, and to be self-aware) is the most fundamental and irreducible existence.
•        Space and its contents arise from Consciousness via computational processing of the Platonic computer.

According to Metacomputics model, multiverse is a set of multiple parallel universes within the same space. Each universe is produced by a platonic computer operating at a specific clock speed that gives the existence of that universe a specific vibration frequency. Although all the parallel universes superimpose in the same space, most people normally tune into one vibration frequency and experience only the physical universe. Whereas psychics can tune into more than one vibration frequency, similar to tuning into different radio/TV channels, so they can experience more than one parallel universe.

If psychic individuals’ ability to observe non-physical worlds can be proven to be reliable, then psychic viewing (referred to in esoteric circles as seeing with the “third eye”) can be deployed as an instrument to investigate non-physical forms in parallel universes.

With such an instrument, vast new areas of medical, psychological, and philosophical research would open up. A new dimension of knowledge about the multiverse and we as human can be explored. A new renascence and new era of human civilisation will start to dawn.
This talk will report on preliminary results on psychic viewing of non-physical worlds.


Mon, 15 February 2021
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7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mon, 15 February 2021
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Claudia Nielsen
Claudia Nielsen
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  • Simon Duan
    Simon Duan

    Dr SIMON DUAN is founder of Metacomputics Labs that researches post materialism paradigm that unifies consciousness, mind and matter.  The new paradigm is based on simulation hypothesis which describes the universe as processing output of computation. Metacomputics theoretical framework postulates that a nonphysical computer that is made by, of, with and from Consciousness exists in platonic realm that computes the universe. Further details on www.metacomputics.com

    In collaboration with researchers around the world, Metacomputics is being applied to spiritual and personal development, innovative healing and healthcare practice, brain science and artificial intelligence.

    Dr Duan came from China to the UK to study in the ’80s. After receiving a PhD in Materials Science from Cambridge University, he worked for many years in research and development, technology commercialisation and management consultancy in both the UK and China. He has long-standing interests in paranormal research and was past vice president of Chinese parapsychology association.