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Welcome to the London Group page of the Scientific and Medical Network. We have monthly meetings with invited speakers for learning and interaction. The London Group used to meet physically until March 2020 but due to Covid restrictions started meeting online. Monthly online meetings will continue until Covid restrictions are lifted, whereupon physical and online meetings will alternate bi-monthly.

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Claudia Nielsen PhD

I was born in Brazil and came to the UK in my twenties. Here I married, and brought up my three boys, now all grown up. Throughout my adult life I worked in a variety of industries and in my 40’s went back to Psychology – studied in Brazil – and retrained in psychotherapy, my current profession. My interests are all connected with my passion for life and living and I see human beings as an expression of a meaningful Universe. I am a Vice President of the SMN and run the online arm of the SMN London Group.

23 August 2021

Dr. Oliver Robinson – Towards the transmodern: Science, spirituality and the transition out of modernity

 In this talk I will present evidence that we are currently moving, via the postmodern era ...

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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