About the SMN

Where evidence-based reason meets deep inner knowing

Our Vision

The SMN is working with full awareness and appreciation of scientific method, but exploring and expanding, in a spirit of open and critical enquiry, frontier issues at the interfaces between science, health, consciousness, wellbeing, love and spirituality, to explore how to rediscover a meaningful spirituality to help rebalance our lives.

The Network is part of a worldwide contemporary movement for education, personal development, and compatible “spiritual emergence”, networking: scientists, doctors, psychologists, educators, engineers, philosophers, complementary practitioners and other professionals, for mutual and societal benefit.



Raison d’Être

For almost 50 years, the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN), has been a creative force for education, learning, and transformative change, supporting professionals to see that relying solely on scientific method (though excellent and indispensable in its province), cannot fully guide humanity. The results from these misunderstandings and misapplications, are now so startlingly being seen on our environment, health and well-being. This appreciation is not new.

A number of eminent scientists have pointed out these limitations and how they are perpetuated:

Ladies and gentlemen, our age is proud of the progress it has made in men’s intellectual development. The search and striving for truth and knowledge is one of the highest of men’s qualities—though often the pride is most loudly voiced by those who strives [sic] the least, and certainly, we should take care not to make the intellect our goal. It has of course powerful muscles but no personality. It cannot lead, it can only serve, and it is not fastidious in its choice of a leader. This characteristic is reflected in the qualities of its priests, the intellectuals. The intellect has a sharp eye for methods and tools, but is blind to ends and values. So it is no wonder that this fatal blindness is handed on from old to young and today involves a whole generation.’

‘I am very astonished that the scientific picture of the real world around me is very deficient. It gives a lot of factual information, puts all our experience in a magnificently consistent order, but it is ghastly silent about all and sundry that is really near to our heart, that really matters to us. It cannot tell us a word about red and blue, bitter and sweet, physical pain and physical delight; it knows nothing of beautiful and ugly, good or bad, God and eternity.’

‘In particular, and most importantly, this is the reason why the scientific world-view contains of itself no ethical values, no aesthetical values, not a word about our own ultimate scope or destination, and no God, if you please. Whence came I, wither go I? That is the great unfathomable question, the same for every one of us. Science has no answer to it.’

Expanding Horizons in Science, Spirituality and Consciousness since 1973

About the SMN

Heart Brain Coherence

We believe that a better, more intelligent and more heart-led world is possible – a world in which the wisdom of spirituality and the thoughtfulness of philosophy balance the power of science and technology.

Deep Listening, Dialogue and Mutual Trust

It is our view that no single idea or solution has a monopoly on truth. Our events and publications, therefore, create spaces for sharing different ideas and experiences with an ethos of deep listening, dialogue and mutual trust.

Integral Inquiry

We recognise that our world is still plagued by deep problems and enduring conflicts. Many of these are caused by dogmatic, superstitious or ill-informed worldviews. However, we believe that individuals and societies can transform themselves.

The key is learning to integrate evidence-based
science, born of rational philosophy, with the love and inner peace cultivated by spiritual practice. The Scientific and Medical Network is a community of professionals dedicated to this task.

Co-creating New Paradigms

We invite you to join us in co-creating new paradigms to bring truth, beauty, health and well-being into harmony, and so help heal our fractured culture.

The Network Aims

Challenge the adequacy of scientific materialism as an exclusive basis for knowledge and values.

Provide a safe forum for the critical and open-minded discussion of ideas that go beyond reductionist science.

Integrate intuitive insights with rational analysis.

Encourage a respect for Earth and Community which emphasises a spiritual and holistic approach.

In asking searching questions about the nature of life and the role of the human being, the Network is:

– Open to new observations and insights.
– Rigorous in evaluating evidence and ideas.
– Responsible in maintaining the highest scientific and ethical standards.
– Sensitive to a plurality of viewpoints.

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