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Expanding  Horizons at the Interface between Science, Consciousness and Spirituality

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“This January 2021 issue is such a gem, tackling all the crucial issues that put our future in great jeopardy!  Baring on the history of patriarchy, Verkerk on the Great Reset, Naydler on regaining our humanity in the face of surveillance capitalism and its 5G dependence, then Tudge summing it all up with an actual Great Re-Think agenda rooted in the eminently sensible return to truly healthy food.  What a four-course feast of feature articles in these trying times when so much of such analysis is censored, and all in a single issue,   Congratulations!”


Elisabet Sahtouris PhD, Evolution Biologist and Futurist

What Honorary Members say about Paradigm Explorer

Dr Anne Baring

Paradigm Explorer is an essential tri-annual guide to outstanding ideas, articles, and books which may not be accessible though the mainstream press. The Book Review section, contributed mainly by David Lorimer, is of exceptional interest, breadth and scope. Of inestimable value in our challenging time.

Larry Dossey, MD

The intersection of modern science and our understanding of consciousness is perhaps the most crucial aspect of human knowledge. Paradigm Explorer is on the cutting edge of this exploration.  I treasure every issue!

Prof Ervin Laszlo

Paradigm Explorer is that rare gem among periodicals that combines pioneering contributions with highly informative and enjoyable reading.  A treasure to access as soon as it comes off the press.

Prof Ravi Ravindra

Paradigm Explorer always carries some interesting, often inspiring and challenging, articles and very helpful book reviews.

Prof Marilyn Schlitz

In a time of information overload, this resource is a reliable, inspirational and informative go-to that expands our knowledge and sense of the possible. Highly recommended.

Rupert Sheldrake, PhD

A great way of keeping up to date with books, conferences, ideas and commentaries on the current shift towards a more holistic paradigm. The book reviews, in particular, are of unparalleled value.

Elisabet Sahtouris PhD, Evolution Biologist and Futurist

Paradigm Explorer indeed lives up to its name in packing more cutting-edge exploration of evolving paradigms into its pages than any other periodical I have ever encountered. I so look forward to each delicious issue, and am always astounded at David Lorimer’s staggering number of superb book reviews.


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