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Although our membership subscriptions and modest profits from conferences cover our day-to-day administration, we have little room to manoeuvre to expedite a range of projects which we believe would benefit the community and enable us to have an even greater impact on the world.

Having been a charity for nearly 50 years, we have a huge repository of material from past conferences, and secondly from articles and detailed book reviews published in our Paradigm Explorer (formerly Network Review).  The annual, thirty Mystics and Scientists conferences alone, which we have been running since early 1978, have had many eminent speakers including: Sir John Eccles FRS, Sir Fred Hoyle FRS, Dr James Lovelock FRS,Dr Fritjof Capra, Prof Marilyn Monk, Prof Ravi Ravindra, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Dr Merlin Sheldrake, Dr Larry Dossey, Prof Tom McLeish FRS, Prof. Keith Critchlow, Prof Brian Goodwin, Prof Keith Ward, Dr. Lawrence LeShan, Fr Bede Griffiths, Dr Anne Baring, Thetis Blacker, Julian Candy, and Prof Chris Clarke. Many of these talks could be made available with your support.

 In February, we applied for a SmartLeap Innovate grant from the UK government. We were not successful but we will reapply. If this is funded, it would help make available a range of the above material but with the benefit of intelligent software, to help search and identify what you are looking for.

If you could help support us by making a contribution to one of our development projects or for basic support, we would be very grateful.

There are a number of ways to contribute:

  • Offer time to help digitise material or run a local group
  • Make a contribution via your will (download the SMN Codicil)
  • Making a financial contribution by clicking on the ‘Donate Here’ button below
  • Contacting the office with other expressions of support: [email protected]