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May – August 2022

Please note: This Season has now closed. Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket. The next Season starts in September 2022.

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Following feedback from our loyal attenders, we are pleased to offer you concessionary season tickets for the 16 weekly webinars listed below. The prices are as follows:

There are three ticket options. Please read carefully. 

1.) For SMN Members – £75

2.) Non-members – £100

3.) Or get a Season Ticket + Join the Network for £125. (For this  option you will pay £75 now and be emailed the link to then complete  your discount membership sign-up for a Standard Annual membership. Remember to check your spam or promotions email folder.).

Note: links to view the RECORDINGS will also be included. These are usually emailed out a few days after each live event.

How it works

A.) You buy a season ticket by clicking a BUY button below
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D.) Shortly before each event we will automatically email you the Zoom link for that event. These will be sent out as part of the usual one-hour pre-event email reminders (as you would receive if you bought an individual ticket). Always remember to check your SPAM, promotions or junk email folders for these links. 

Check out these great savings on 16 events

Usual per event costs   Season Ticket Savings
Ticket Type Number of Events  Per event Price £   Total cost £   Per Event Price £ Season ticket price    Saving £ Saving %
Standard  16   11.99        192        6.25    100    92  48%
SMN Member 16     9.99        160          4.69     75    85  53%


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The Season ticket holder will receive links to all the webinars below.

Date Speaker Topic
Wed May 4 Prof Rolf Sattler Science and Beyond: Towards Greater Sanity through Science, Philosophy, Art and Spirituality
Wed May 11 Natalie Zeituny The Ensoulment of Humanity- from Blockchain to Virtual Reality to CRISPR Gene Editing – Who Are We Becoming?
Wed May 18 Trevor Griffiths

Between the Seconds of Your Mind:

Being a Quantum Heart-Level Presence of Loving Kindness

Wed May 25 Stephane Allix Interview – When I was Someone Else: Verified Memories of an SS Officer
Wed June 1 Joanna Helfrich Afterlives: First-hand Accounts of Twenty Notable People
Wed June 8 Dr Louise Livingstone The Spiralling Heart: Leading us towards Reconnection
Wed June 15 Dr John Hagelin The Relationship of Consciousness and Matter and how that can Transform the World
Wed June 22 Dr Bob Rosenberg Precognition: Evidence and Theories
NB Thursday June 30 Prof Alexander Almeida Spirituality and Mental Health Across Cultures
Wed July 6 Dr Stephanie Seneff The Toxic Health Legacy of Glyphosate
Wed July 13 Sarah Rozenthuler Tuning into Your Calling
Wed July 20 Dr Dawson Church Bliss Brain – the Four Circuits of Active Meditators
Wed July 27 Filippo del Fiore Science with a Heart
Wed August 3 Dr Bethany Butzer Synchronicity as an Indicator of the Fundamental Nature of Consciousness
Wed August 24 Dr Stephan Harding Gaia Alchemy: Science, Psyche and Soul
Wed August 31 Lars Muhl   The Light within the Human Heart

Please note: This season ticket does NOT include:

  • Mystics and Scientists Conference and
  • The Future of Intelligence four-part series partnering with the World Community for Christian Meditation.

Of course, you can still book each webinar individually, but if you buy a Season ticket, you’ll save time buying individual tickets – as we will processing the payments – so we can pass these savings on to you.

We very much look forward to seeing you online.

With every good wish,

David Lorimer
Programme Director

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