Students & Postgrads

A very warm welcome to our growing and active student, postgrad and young person community. Here you will find a ‘professional networking’ space dedicated specifically to young people, undergraduates, postgraduates, and separately, ‘Early Career Professionals’ – now known collectively as New Paradigm Navigators.

Within this community, there are lots of opportunities to meet other like-minded people, and become part of a wider, friendly and diverse group of people. As a member of this community, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Free Membership for 2 years
  • Free access to a huge video library of talks, including many past years of recorded talks from Beyond the Brain, and Mystics & Scientists conferences
  • Concessionary tickets to webinars
  • Access to specific free invited Galileo Commission webinars/ talks
  • Undergrad and postgrad private social networking discussion spaces and file space to share research papers etc.
  • Access to special events for your community which are currently being developed; educational webinars like ‘Interested in Doing a PhD?’, and an online Students of Spiritual Science festival/symposium running over the weekend of 22/23 July 2023 that aims to create community and build bridges between different ways of knowing and experiencing the world through the written and spoken word, art, poetry, comedy, spiritual practice and music.
  • Access to a monthly coffee and chat themed social event where you can meet and converse with other like-minded people – taking place on 3rd Friday of each month from 3pm-4pm UK time
  • Monthly newsletter dedicated to your community
  • The opportunity to network with the wider SMN community and ask questions in relation to your research and work

You are joining us at a very exciting time in the SMN’s journey as we are supporting our next generation community – students, young people and early career professionals – to propose and develop projects that address key issues that are relevant to them. We also have opportunities for students to work within their own institutions to share their experiences of the SMN. For more information, please see our Ambassador Programme here (click to go through to pdf).

Ultimately, we would love for you to join us to shape the kind of platform you would like to see as the SMN moves into the future. For more information, please contact Louise Livingstone (Membership & Young Person Support) at: [email protected]

We would like to make clear that the SMN has no links to any other organisation either political or religious. For very nearly 50 years, we have been an independent educational charity, devoted simply to offering an alternative to the prevalent exclusively materialistic thinking of this Age, and also supporting interested people to develop for mutual and societal benefit. Please do see our Aims and Vision Statement.

The New Paradigm Navigators

New Paradigm Navigators Logo

New Paradigm Navigators (the name for our young person/next generation community of the SMN) emerged from a collaborative enquiry that began with a webinar in June 2022. The collaborative enquiry was initially called – Living in Uncertain Times: Exploring Possibilities For Young People to Take Positive Action In The World. Facilitated by the SMN’s Dr Joan Walton and Dr Louise Livingstone, the enquiry created a safe space for deep sharing and deep listening where a group of students and young people were able to come together to explore practical ways to respond constructively to issues that are affecting them on an individual, societal and global level. This project was established as an ongoing, organic, collaborative enquiry to support young people to ultimately take life-enhancing action in the world.

Each month, the core group of our next generation community met in a spirit of open and participatory enquiry, developing ideas which carried the possibility to become individual/collaborative projects. See developing projects below:

  • Monthly coffee and chat – online social event for students and young people on the 3rd Friday of every month. Look out for Zoom link in the monthly newsletter.

For more information, get in touch with Louise at: [email protected]

The screen shot above shows the area which our postgraduate members are using to: share material (research papers, their research, focussed discussion topics etc.), student experiences via a forum area, and development of special targeted (Zoom at present) events.