Network Book Reviews Database Project

As readers of Paradigm Explorer will know, we carry reviews of over 200 books a year, mostly by David Lorimer as editor. A database kept in Scotland between 1996 and 2014 contained over 5,000 entries. At present, there is no way of searching for past book reviews, so we are creating a searchable database of historic reviews as a new form of outreach that will be available as a member benefit. Dr Kevin Ashbridge has been working on this for some months and the first batch of 2,600 reviews from nearly 50 issues will be uploaded onto the site after Armando Lüscher has converted them. We will then begin to work back from 2011 to process missing issues. New reviews will then be added to the database as they come out.

We will hold a Meet the Board Zoom Call to introduce the service when it is ready.


A related new initiative is the podcast of book reviews: Towards a New Renaissance Bookcast