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November 2022
30 November 2022

Bernard Beitman, MD – The Anatomy of a Meaningful Coincidence

Season TicketWebinars

How do you use and interpret meaningful coincidences?   Each of us has more to do with creating ...

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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December 2022
07 December 2022

Nicholas Hagger – The Fall of the West

Season TicketWebinars

Can the West survive a growing storm of geopolitical changes?  A comprehensive overview of international geo-politics, combining ...

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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16 December 2022
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Barry Spivack – Healing Social Divisions


More Details Coming Soon... ...

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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28 December 2022

Georgia Lambert – What is Meditation?

Season TicketWebinars

What is Meditation and how can we practice it effectively?   Before we talk about what meditation really ...

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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January 2023
16 January 2023

Prof Keith Ward – Absolute Mind and the Christian God

Consciousness Perspectives Forum

Christian ideas of God, at the intellectual level, have been depended heavily on the thought of ...

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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February 2023
20 February 2023

Prof Ravi Ravindra – Scientific Research and Spiritual Search

 In this talk we will explore not what usually gets classified as ‘science’ or as ‘religion’.  The ...

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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March 2023
13 March 2023

Prof Christian List – The Reality of Free Will

I will present a case for scientific realism about free will. I will begin by summarizing some ...

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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2022 Webinar Programme

January 2022

Wednesday January 5

Regenerative Leadership as a Transformational Journey
– Giles Hutchins and Oonagh Harpur

Wednesday January 12

Becoming Gaia: On the Threshold of Planetary Initiation
– Prof. Sean Kelly

Wednesday January 19

Beyond Knowing
– Prof. William Halal

Monday January 24

[CPF] Psi phenomena in non-representational visual art
– Prof. Etzel Cardeña

Wednesday January 26

Creativity, Art and Spirituality: Expanding the Ontology of Spirituality to Non-Religious Contexts
– Annalisa Burello

February 2022

Wednesday February 2

Climate Change and the Farther Reaches of Human Nature
– Prof. Alastair McIntosh

Wednesday February 9

– Dr. Peter Mansfield

Wednesday February 16

– Dianne Collins

Monday February 21

[CPF] Towards a Post-Materialist Social Order (Back to Plato)
– Prof. Neal Grossman

Wednesday February 23

Two Kinds of Spiritual Bypassing: Why Getting Spiritual Sensibility in Perspective is an Essential Part of Surviving the 21st Century
– Dr. Jonathan Rowson

March 2022

Wednesday March 2

Consciousness beyond Consumerism
– Terence Sexton

Saturday March 5

Building a Just World Order: How Do We Move Forward?
– Prof. Alfred de Zayas

Wednesday March 9

Holistic Healthcare: It’s Now or Never to get your Health Together!
– Dr. Sergey Shealy-Serin

Friday March 18

[IONS] Shared Journeys of the Afterlife
– Dr. William Peters

Monday March 21

[CPF] Expanding Reality: The Emergence of Postmaterialist Science
– Dr. Mario Beauregard

Wednesday March 23

Healing the Western Soul
– Dr Judith Miller

Saturday March 26

The Hidden Path to Achieving Global Sustainability
– Benjamin Costello

Wednesday March 30

The Galileo Project: The Search for Technological Interstellar Objects
– Prof. Avi Loeb

April 2022

Wednesday April 6

Soul Centred Healing
– Dr. Tom Zinser

Saturday/Sunday April 9-10

Mystics and Scientists Conference – Music, Order and Beauty

Wednesday April 13

The Mind of Plants
– Monica Gagliano, John Ryan, Patricia Vieira

Wednesday April 20

Love and Freedom: Transcending Monogamy and Polyamory
– Prof. Jorge Ferrer

Thursday April 21

WCCM Future of Intelligence 1

Monday April 25

[CPF] Dreaming Ahead of Time
– Gary Lachman

Wednesday April 27

Healing Ourselves: Biofield Science and the Future of Health
– Dr. Shamini Jain

May 2022

Wednesday May 4

Science and Beyond
– Prof. Rolf Sattler

Wednesday May 11

The Ensoulment of Humanity
– Natalie Zeituny & Luke Stokes

Thursday May 12, GC

Varieties of Atheism
– Prof. Elaine Howard Ecklund and Prof. David Johnson C

Wednesday May 18

Between the Seconds of Your Mind: Being a quantum heart-level presence of loving kindness
– Trevor Griffiths

Monday May 23

[CPF] Platonic computer – the universal machine that bridges the “inverse explanatory gap” in the philosophy of mind
– Dr. Simon Duan

Wednesday May 25

When I was Someone Else
– Stephane Allix

June 2022

Wednesday June 1

Afterlives: Firsthand Accounts of Twenty Notable People
– Joanna Helfrich

Wednesday June 8

The Spiralling Heart: Leading us towards Reconnection?
– Louise Livingstone, PhD

Wednesday June 15

The Relationship of Consciousness and Matter and how that can Transform the World
– Dr. John Hagelin (TM)

Wednesday June 22

Precognition: Probing Causality and the Nature of Time
– Dr. Bob Rosenberg

NB Thursday June 30

Spirituality and Mental Health Across Cultures
– Prof. Alexander Almeida

July 2022

Wednesday July 6

The Toxic Legacy of Glyphosate
– Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Friday July 8

Rupert Sheldrake 80th birthday

Saturday – Sunday July 9 – 10

Annual Meeting and AGM

Wednesday July 13

Tuning Into Your Calling
– Sarah Rozenthuler

Wednesday July 20

Bliss Brain – the four circuits of active meditators
– Dawson Church

Thursday July 21

WCCM Future of Intelligence 2

Wednesday July 27

Science with a Heart
– Filippo del Fiore

August 2022

Wednesday August 3

Synchronicity as an Indicator of the Fundamental Nature of Consciousness
– Dr. Bethany Butzer (&GC)

Wednesday August 24

Gaia Alchemy: Science, Psyche and Soul
– Dr. Stephan Harding

Wednesday August 31

The Light within the Human Heart
– Lars Muhl

September 2022

Thursday September 8

WCCM Future of Intelligence 3

Wednesday September 14

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence: Science, Ethics and Truth
– Prof. Gary Schwartz

Wednesday September 21

The Story of Gaia: The Big Breath and the Evolutionary Journey of our Conscious Planet
– Dr. Jude Currivan

Wednesday September 28

Zen in Everyday Life
– Christopher Keevil

October 2022

Wednesday October 5

The Politics of Being
– Dr. Thomas Legrand

Wednesday October 12

Mary Magdalene: Archetype of Every Woman
– Dr. Kayleen Asbo

Wednesday October 19

Connection, healing and restoration through community building and visionary leadership.
Panel: Dr Steve Taylor, Zelda Hall, Dr Mick Collins, Oonagh Harpur

Wednesday October 26

Transforming Global Educational Systems
– Pavel Lushka

November 2022

Friday – Sunday November 4-6

Beyond the Brain (film Thurs pm)

Wednesday November 9

Beyond Medicine
– Dr. Patricia Muehsam

Wednesday November 16

Teilhard’s Theories of Cosmogenesis and Complexification and Their Surprising Connection
– Prof. Dave Pruett

Thursday November 24

WCCM Future of Intelligence 4

Wednesday November 30

Anatomy of a Meaningful Coincidence
– Dr. Bernard Beitman

December 2022

Wednesday December 7

The Fall of the West: A Warning to the Western World
– Nicholas Hagger

Friday December 16

Healing Social Divisions
– Barry Spivack

Wednesday December 28

What is Meditation?
– Georgia Lambert