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Melinda Powell – Lucid Surrender: The Alchemy of the Soul in Lucid Dreaming


When we become lucid in a dream, what is it we wake up to?


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Join dream specialist and psychotherapist Melinda Powell for a journey of alchemical soul-awakening.
The popular Western definition of lucid dreaming describes a state in which the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming and can control the dream narrative. Yet, in lucid dreams, as in life, we can be distracted by the continually changing surface layer of experience, becoming caught up in the thrill of the ‘virtual’ world of dream lucidity. However, beyond the desires that captivate us, spiritual traditions across the world teach that within the dreaming state there resides a more serene experience of pure consciousness – one of profound joy. Unlike the turbulent emotions of the ego, this is our original soul nature.   
Melinda Powell approaches lucid dreaming as a means to soul-awakening, a path she calls ‘Lucid Surrender’™. This talk derives from Powell’s first-hand experience as a lucid dreamer, her professional work as a psychotherapist and her researches into lucid dreaming. Powell’s application of Carl Jung’s alchemical model to Lucid Surrender brings new dimensions to our understanding of alchemy, therapeutic practice and dream lucidity. She describes how stages similar to the alchemical process can also be consciously initiated in a lucid dream, with powerful therapeutic effect. She further develops Jung’s teachings on light, revisioning the reader’s understanding of darkness by illuminating the phenomenon of Black Light. Powell shows how lucid dreams can open us to the realm of the transpersonal.

About the speaker:


Melinda Powell

Melinda Powell co-founded the Dream Research Institute at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, London, to promote research into the relationship between dreams and wellbeing. She has served as past vice-president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and as director of HELP Counselling Centre, London. She works as a psychotherapist, teaches Lucid Surrender and writes about dreams and dream lucidity. She is author of The Hidden Lives of Dreams (Bonnier Books UK, 2020) and Lucid Surrender: The Alchemy of the Soul in Lucid Dreaming (Archive Publishing). 



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