Reply To: Personal Experiences of first becoming aware of our ‘spiritual self’

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    Shirley Sharpe

    13 October 2023 at 11:00 pm

    My first experience of my spiritual self was as a 9 year old walking home alone from school. Bored, I decided to play a game of not walking on any pavement cracks. I carefully watched my wellington boot clad feet, aware that with each step my hand-me-down boots, which were slightly too big, slid down my heel. Completely focused on my legs and feet, I became unaware of my surroundings. Suddenly I came to a halt as a voice from within me loudly and clearly stated: “I am not these legs, I am not these eyes. I am using these legs and looking through these eyes but I am not this body.” I stood still, elated and excited in a way I had never felt before, knowing without doubt this was true.

    This awakening had such a profound affect that it ignited my search to answer the question that it gave rise to: ‘If I am not this body, who am I?’ It took me over 40 years to finally fully awaken to the truth.