Starting a new Local Group

About Local Groups


The main purpose of meetings is to provide a space for like minded people to share views and develop friendships. They are also opportunities for enlarging our membership.

A reminder of the Network guidelines:


To deepen understanding in science, medicine and education by fostering both rational analysis and intuitive insights.

Network members explore concepts that go beyond generally accepted theories through its expressed guidelines which are:


  • Open to new observations and insights.
  • Rigorous in evaluating evidence and ideas.
  • Responsible in maintaining the highest scientific and ethical standards.
  • Sensitive to the view of others.

The Network links like-minded individuals, encouraging exchange of ideas and information and cultivating friendship. Members share a common concern with the essential questions about the meaning and value of life.

The Network does not embrace the unorthodox for its own sake; it is not “anti-establishment”, but its members support the freedom to develop any worthwhile field of study, even if this means moving beyond what is currently considered scientifically plausible.

The Network encourages intellectual discernment and is wary of consequences of ill-founded and over-enthusiastic claims often made in the areas of pseudo-science.

In particular the Network is not affiliated to any religion and does not support any specific world view or scientific theory

It is also a purpose of the Local Groups to enlarge our membership base.



Setting up a Local Group

1st step:

To take the first step in setting up your local group decide upon the area you aim for as your catchment area and discuss it with the board member with responsibility for local groups.

This is currently

Jacqueline Nielsen

[email protected]

We will support you with literature, publicity through our website, speakers and ongoing advice and practical help.

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