Network Review Winter 1986

Issue No: 32


Special Notice

At an informal meeting of the Council on December 13th, George Blaker was presented with a commemorative silver salver. The George Blaker Research Fund stands at just over £500. Further contributions would be welcome from those who have not already subscribed.


  • Why It Should Happen To You – Dr. Peter Tatham
  • Scientific Positivism, the New Dualism, and the Perennial Widsom, Part II – Dr. Willis W. Harman
  • The Transpersonal: The Harmony of Self – Archie W. N. Roy
  • Some Experiments and Hypotheses on the Biophysical Field – Michael Watson


  • Network Administration
  • Two New Resources for Practitioners and Research Workers
  • The Need for a Holistic Vision in Science and Medicine – a Lecture
  • New Paradigms Newsletter
  • New Meanings – a new publication
  • Centre for the Study of Religion and Society
  • Oxford University External Studies Department Conference
  • Biosocial Therapy Association
  • Theosophy Science Study Group – call for papers
  • Jung and Hermeneutics – a Conference
  • College of Psychic Studies – Lectures and Workshops
  • Channelled Teachings on the Present Human Predicament – a Conference
  • International Association for Near-Death Studies
  • Mystics and Scientists 10
  • Analytical Psychology Club – a Lecture
  • International Conference on Sciences and Religions – call for papers
  • International Institute for the Study of Death – a Conference
  • BHMA Spring Classes

Books and Booklets

  • If This Be Magic by Guy Lyon Playfair
  • Mind, Body and Electromagnetism by John Evans
  • Light of All Life by Raynor Johnson
  • The Wright Diet by Celia Wright
  • Health for All by the Year 2000
  • A Harmony of Science and Nature by John and Farida Davidson
  • Healing Reality by John Newson
  • Music, Mysticism and Magic by Joscelyn Godwin