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Annine van der Meer – Mary Magdalene Portal to a New Era: Wayshower to the Light. 11 October 2023

Annine started by explaining why and how the “The Gospel of the Beloved Companion” (GBC) about Mary Magdalene is of major importance. Her intention is to bring the whole topic into wide circulation and understanding. She explained the origins of the Gnostic tradition comparing the Gospel of John with her latest books and gave detailed comparisons to the GBC. In this gospel, Mary is appointed leader by Yeshua. She investigated this area by making comparisons between historical sources with alternative sources using interdisciplinary and comparative methods in order to investigate how they support each other. She then explained how all her research supports all expressed by Mary Magdalene.

Annine said we are today in a global consciousness revolution and the forms of channelling are increasing and there is clearly an increase in contact with angels, which alongside the advances in physics such as quantum and other inter and trans-dimensional physics help everyone to “download” this information. She then went through all seven portals from the Essene family of Miryam and Yeshua and the universal Wisdom Tradition explaining in some detail as to how they all connect and help universal unity understanding and light. We are all on our way to a new time and a new earth, which is why it is very important to understand how Mary Magdalene points to the light and how together with Yeshua the post-Atlantis downward spiral was reversed. Essentially, this is all about giving and learning acceptance, love and joy leading to our “oneness”.

Report by Eve Hicks

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