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Jürgen Werner Kremer – Coming-to-Presence at My Place of Hope. 30 August 2023

Jürgen W. Kremer, Ph.D. emoted balance throughout his lucid, comprehensive presentation “COMING-TO-PRESENCE AT MY PLACE OF HOPE” prefacing with a heart-felt meditation quieting us from so many disconnected noises (non-sense) endlessly chattering in our minds.  He is candid and plainspoken that we are keeping our current sciences in left-brain dominated “cognitive prisons” that do not explore the ineffable experiences that Indigenous Cultures have reverently, perpetually preserved in their lives and rituals. 

These enduring cultures have always strived to remain grounded in their Indigenous sciences, always humbly embracing the wonders of Creation, the Heartbeat of Nature within and all about. To understand the entrapments and assumptions now, throughout our Western sciences, he contrasted both paradigms so that we may fully embrace the crisis we have generated by our own fixed pathological exclusions through fear-driven “coloniality/modernity” These ego/fear, slave/master dualistic driven paradigms, have split and narrowed our observations and perceptions further perpetuating the multiple crises now so much upon us. 

His presentation mirrored the hope that our path can return to the ineffable and heuristic qualities that William James also characterized as necessary for Mysticism, Balance in the Human Body and Psyche, Reverence for the Body of Creation, All the Same Reverberating Unity in Creation. With conviction, in his even clear voice, he opened our minds that we have hope to revive all of our Western Sciences and can again, remain in alignment with the Infinitely Changing Paradigm We Are.

Report by Dr Darryl Pokea

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