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Neil Douglas-Klotz – Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus. 02 August 2023

Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz delivered a care-filled, grounded, scholarly presentation: Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus. His style mirrors the kinesthetics, rhythms, breath and breadth of the Aramaic translations shared, as he humbly acknowledges many nuances and subtleties in the meaning of the words themselves, spoken, chanted, and danced to. Aramaic as a language is highly kinesthetic and polyphonic in expressed voices unified, the theme of Oneness and merging with All.

William James, emphasized in his studies of mysticism that the characteristics of all mystical experiences were a heuristic, dynamic and ineffable quality within their present understandings/interpretations/experiences that the mystics had in presence within and all about. Neil’s presentation mirrored these characteristics with humility, as he was open to similar translations and sacred words expressing heart-filled love within all Spiritual Traditions. The chatroom was alive with so many participants integrating, sharing, and expanding their wisdom and insights, during his mirroring of the Aramaic Jesus language.

Particularly potent for me was his shared insight that language does not originate from grammar but is birthed in voice, words, spoken, music chanted, rhythmically in breath, movement, and dance. These are kinesthetically aligned with Source, The Creator, The Radiant One, The Birther, Sounding and Resounding in Creation, within, among us and beyond. Unity is present in every heartbeat, every breath, every movement, and spaces of silence between the words, each pause between heartbeats, every breath. Neil concluded for us by experientially playing his two instruments, his guitar, and his voice chanting in Aramaic.

Report by Dr Darryl Pokea

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