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Nicola Amadora – Women Rising: Love Unleashed. 26 June 2024

Nicola gave a very engaging presentation inspiring us to travel through a portal of fear into unleashing the full energy of love and so regaining our full humanity. She described the state of the world at present as standing on a precipice and a choice has to be made either to deny our perilous position, retreat into a safer ground or take a leap and jump into the unknown and so move us into another way of being.

Rather refreshingly Nicola didn’t use any slides or power point in her talk but illustrated her theme with powerful stories and she also invited the participants to share theirs as well.

She saw the present political, climate-changing and violent world we live in as compelling us to use the feminine power of love to make the only effective response in what appears to be a liminal space or threshold. Now we have the opportunity to raise our consciousness and use the full “ontological force” of love as Gandhi put it, reminding us that love has a unique power to take us through fear into our salvation, or literally saving us form our omnipresent dangers.

Nicola explains that in challenging situations we can acknowledge our fear and then ground ourselves in the full presence of that living moment to embrace the underlying stillness within and connect to all life and allow ourselves to express our love. This has the unique power to defuse the danger and reveal previously unknown potential.

Report written by Ghislaine Young

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