Love, Wisdom and Transformation by David Lorimer

Western Switzerland local group of the Scientific & Medical Network

This is an invitation to an SMN meeting on November 13 2016 beginning at 10 30 am. Please RSVP to [email protected].

We are privileged to have David Lorimer for our meeting. David is Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network, President of Wrekin Trust and former President of the Swedenborg Society. He is the founder of the Inspire-Aspire Values Programme (, which has reached over 200,000 young people. He is editor of Thinking Beyond the Brain, Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality and co-editor of A New Renaissance. He is also the author of Radical Prince and co-author of The Protein Crunch: Civilisation on the Brink.

Love, Wisdom and Transformation    by David Lorimer

It is now just over 40 years since Raymond Moody coined the term ‘near death experience’ and slightly longer since Sir Alister Hardy began collecting cases of religious and spiritual experience, building on the work of William James from the early 1900s. These experiences opened up the inner side of life as the source of value and meaning and those to whom they occurred were transformed away from preoccupations about having and doing towards the centrality of being. This included the founders of the Network, which dates from the same period. During the same period, the word spirituality became common currency and assumed greater importance with the decline of traditional religion and the empty promises of materialism. I will reflect on my own journey over this period, including my encounter with the work of Peter Deunov, whose most important principles were Love and Wisdom; also on the nature of spiritual renewal and a cultural renaissance based on a holistic and ecological worldview.


Time Table

10:30   10.35   Coordinators

10 35   12.30   Love, Wisdom and Transformation   by David Lorimer

12.30   14.00   Lunch

14:00   16.00   Discussion and Q & A on SMN in general


Travel The meeting will take place at Cret-Berard a Convention Center on a crest above Puidoux Village near Chexbres.  By automobile on the autoroute between Lausanne and Vevey, take the exit to Chexbres in direction Puidoux and proceed through Puidoux-Village. Follow the signs to Cret-Berard, (a mixture of Swiss red tourist signs and small white signposts.) Distance from autoroute 3 km or so. Rail services go to Puidoux –Chexbres.

Lunch  A vegetarian LUNCH menu will be served in the dining hall. At lunch time and during the general discussion the participants are encouraged to share with each other their own experiences or questions related to the theme of the meeting. SMN local group meetings are meant to offer a “safe haven” environment for the airing of novel experiences and ideas on scientific transrational, spiritual, or similar topics.

Fee We ask for a flat CONTRIBUTION of CHF 40 per person for lunch and rental of the meeting room.

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