Beyond the Brain XII – Further Reaches of Consciousness Research

Beyond the brain xii

The interdisciplinary Beyond the Brain conferences were initiated with Willis Harman and Edgar Mitchell of the Institute of Noetic Sciences at St John’s College, Cambridge in 1995. Over the years we have covered a wide range of topics and this year we are taking a different approach by inviting four partners to join us and making the conference non-residential in London. On Friday evening, we apologise to not showing Member Amit Biswas’ award-winning film The Bridge, due to technical reasons.

Each partner has taken responsibility for one session covering their particular area of consciousness research. All our speakers are at their respective cutting edges and are constantly devising new and innovative research strategies to probe the nature of consciousness.

Attendees will have their minds stretched and their hearts warmed at this exciting landmark event and be able to network with like-minded people. This landmark conference is not to be missed, and we greatly look forward to your participation!

Venue: Regent’s University, London

Saturday 28th October

Session 1 – Parapsychological Association – Chair, David Lorimer

8:45 am           Registration

9:15 am           Introduction – David Lorimer

9:30 am           Dr Rupert Sheldrake – The Extended Mind: Experimental Evidence for Effects of Attention and Intention at a Distance

                         View abstract

10:45 am         Break

11:15               Dr Chris Roe – Recent Advances in Parapsychological Research: Approaches to Accessing Unconscious Processes

                        View abstract

12:30 pm        Interaction with morning speakers

1:00                 Lunch


Session 2 – Institute of Noetic Sciences – Chair, Dr Oliver Robinson

2:25                 Chair’s Introduction

2:30                 Dr Cassandra Vieten – The Future of Consciousness Research

                        View abstract

3:45                 Break

4:15 pm          Dr Dean Radin (by Skype) – Magic 2.0: Towards a Resurrection of an Esoteric Legend

                        View abstract

5:30 pm          Dialogue with afternoon speakers


Sunday 29th October

Session 3 – Center for Consciousness Studies – Chair, Prof Bernard Carr

8:45 am           Registration

9:25                 Introduction – Bernard Carr

9.30                 Prof Stuart Hameroff: Is Consciousness Guiding the Universe?

                        View abstract

11:00               Break

11:30               Prof Stuart Hameroff (continued and dialogue)

12:45 pm        Lunch

1:45                 sound journey meditation with Seth Newman and Urubu


Session 4 – IANDS – Chair, Dr Peter Fenwick

2:25                 Introduction: Dr Peter Fenwick

2:30                 Dr Diane Corcoran – Veterans and Near Death Experiences: How we can Facilitate their Recovery

                        View abstract

3:45                 Break

4:15                 Dr Penny Sartori – The Transformative Power of NDEs

                        View abstract

5:30                 Dialogue with Speakers

6:00                 Conclusions and Implications – David Lorimer

6:15                 Close

Interactive installations

Lucia No.3

lucia no.3The Lucia N°03 provides a deep limbic system relaxation while simultaneously encouraging a unique transcendental journeying experience. Step out of the stress of everyday life and into the present moment of bliss. Experience a state of deep relaxation coupled with focus, where one is in touch with their own intuition and sense of wholeness.

White light passes through closed eyelids, past the retina to the pineal gland and central brain, creating a visual experience of one’s own design. The inner consciousness of the traveller produces scenes of indescribable beauty and each person’s experience is completely different.

Death is only the Beginning (Virtual NDE experience:): by Virtual Awakening

Virtual awakening is an emerging platform that aims to combine thought-provoking art with futuristic technology providing immersive, therapeutic, mind-expanding experiences that ultimately empowers people to expand their boundaries, unleash their true potential and lead them to an enlightened perception of life.

“Death is Only the Beginning” is based on a conceptual representation of a Near Death Experience (NDE). Through 360º immersive virtual environments, it takes the viewer through various stages of an NDE, subjecting the viewer to visions of an afterlife realm, and a confronting life review of key global issues facing us today.

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Prof. Bernard Carr: Making Time for Matter and Mind

Although physics claims to be close to a “Theory of Everything”, there are two features of the Universe that are far from understood: time and consciousness. The problem with time is that its role is very different in relativity theory and quantum theory, so its status in any final theory is unclear. The problem with consciousness is that most physicists neglect it altogether, even though there are several indications from physics itself that consciousness is a fundamental rather than incidental feature of the Universe. Since a key feature of consciousness is the flow of time, these two problems are clearly connected. However, the relationship between physical time and psychological time is still not understood and poses a profound mystery. The resolution of this mystery may require a new psychophysical paradigm, in which consciousness interacts with the Universe on a hierarchy of levels, each associated with a different specious present. The implications of this picture for normal, paranormal and mystical states of consciousness will be discussed.