Catalysing a Paradigm Shift

Catalysing a Paradigm Shift

Scientific & Medical Network


The Laszlo Institute


Continental Meeting

Villagio Globale, Bagni di Lucca


September 28- 1 October


Chaired by David Lorimer (SMN) and

Joe St Clair (Laszlo Institute)


The word ‘paradigm’ was popularised by Thomas Kuhn in his seminal book structure of Scientific Revolutions in the early 1960s. Since then, considerable developments have taken place, for instance in complex systems and chaos theory, epigenetics and consciousness studies. However, materialist paradigms remain dominant within the Academy and resist any fundamental shift of worldview by ignoring or denying evidence suggesting that there might be a spiritual dimension transcending physical reality. The Scientific and Medical Network has been working at the frontiers of science, consciousness and spirituality for 45 years, and has this year been coordinating a project and producing a report from the Galileo Commission on the emergence of evidence-based spirituality and a post materialist science. Prof Harald Walach will be presenting the findings of this report. We will come together to discuss how best to catalyse a paradigm shift to a wider and deeper view across a number of disciplines.

Confirmed speakers include polymath Prof Ervin Laszlo, physician Dr Piero-Mario Biava on the epigenetic code and its different functions; a new vision of life and medicine,  cosmologist and healer Dr Jude Currivan on the Cosmic Hologram, psychologist Dr Nitamo Montecucco on a new paradigm on neuropsychosomatics, philosopher Dr Dietmar Rothe on a new paradigm for philosophy and consciousness, Prof Dr Harald Walach on an all-encompassing science and David Lorimer on transcending naturalism.


Please send your abstracts on the theme to David Lorimer, [email protected] by July 31 at the latest.


The Programme

The formal programme will begin with a welcome dinner on Friday evening and run through the weekend until breakfast on Monday. The programme will be made up of talks by confirmed speakers and on the basis of abstracts accepted.

Travel and Accommodation

The nearest airport to Bagni di Lucca is Pisa and it is possible to take a train to Bagni di Lucca from the main Pisa train station. We will arrange details nearer the time. Bagni di Lucca is a delightful small spa town on a river and you may want to take advantage of spa treatments, which can be booked in advance. Accommodation will be in one of two hotels, the Hotel Regina (€40-60 a night) and the Hotel Terme (€50-80 a night). Reservations will be made locally on your behalf and you will then settle their own hotel bills in situ. The cost of lunches, teas and coffees will be €40, payable in cash on arrival. Dinners will be booked in local restaurants, with a special menu on Saturday night, and you will settle these yourself by card or in cash. On the Monday there will be an excursion to Lucca, costs to be confirmed. Registration for the conference itself will £150, payable on booking.

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