Consciousness and the Biosphere

Date(s): Saturday, May 14, 2011 – 11:15
Event typeDay Conference
Speaker(s)John Allen
                    Ralph Metzner
                    Amanda Feilding
                    Bernard Carr

In association with the Institute of Ecotechnics and the October Gallery

Afternoon talks – 3pm to 6pm

John Allen – Biosphere, Ethnosphere and Emergent Evolution

Inventor of the Biosphere 2 project, the visionary polymath will speak and discuss the relationships between the Earth’s biosphere, technosphere and ethnosphere (cultures), and imagines what humans could become if we are willing to consciously participate in our own evolution.

Ralph Metzner – Expansion of Consciousness in the Individual and Society

Author of many books, practicing psychotherapist and Professor Emeritus at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Involved in consciousness research for over 50 years, including psychedelics, yoga, meditation, and shamanism, he is co-founder and president of the Green Earth Foundation, a non-profit educational organization devoted to healing and harmonizing the relationship between humans and the Earth.

Amanda Feilding – Frontiers of the Mind: Exploring Human Capabilities

Scientific director and founder of the Beckley Foundation

Amanda Feilding, has had a life-long interest in consciousness and its altered states, and is dedicated to furthering the understanding of this still elusive subject. In the early 1960s she studied mysticism and comparative religions at Oxford with Professor R.C. Zaehner, and has been engaged in the independent study of psychology and neurophysiology ever since. In 1998 she set up the Beckley Foundation and, in collaboration with leading scientist around the world , she initiates and carries out pioneering research into altered states of consciousness. Thereby opening up the doors of research into this vital, but taboo, topic.

Bernard Carr – Cosmos, Creation and the Culmination of Consciousness

Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Queen Mary

Bernard Carr’s research includes the early universe, black holes, dark matter and the anthropic principle. He is the author of more than two hundred scientific papers and editor of “Universe or Multiverse?”. His interests include psychical research and the relationship between physics and consciousness. He is a former President of the Society for Psychical Research and currently Chairman of the Scientific and Medical Network.

The afternoon will be chaired by: David Luke, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Greenwich, London, and Director of Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness Lectures Series.

Evening Programme

7-8pm – Dinner

8:30pm – 8:45pm – John “Dolphin” Allen – Reading from his Liberated Space novel from Haight-Ashbury scene in 1967 when Bobby Kennedy was shot, accompanied by a slide show.

8:45pm – 9:00pm – Ralph Metzner Reading from “Web of Life” poetry with video accompaniment.

9:00pm – 11:30pm – EarthDance, Hosted by DJ Jon “Om” Petit – Funky Psychedelic Audio Experimentalist with releases on Dragonfly/Aquatec/Twisted & Nano Records has DJ’d all over the world at legendary parties like Skylab, Return To The Source, Samothraki (Greece), Universo Parrallello (Brazil) and many more!


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Dinner and Fusion Salon £25.00 (£22.50 conc.)

Fusion Salon £10.00 (£7.50 conc.)

*50% reduced admissions on full programme or afternoon colloquium for full-time students, including undergraduate, masters & PhD students, sponsored by SMN


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Prof. Bernard Carr: Making Time for Matter and Mind

Although physics claims to be close to a “Theory of Everything”, there are two features of the Universe that are far from understood: time and consciousness. The problem with time is that its role is very different in relativity theory and quantum theory, so its status in any final theory is unclear. The problem with consciousness is that most physicists neglect it altogether, even though there are several indications from physics itself that consciousness is a fundamental rather than incidental feature of the Universe. Since a key feature of consciousness is the flow of time, these two problems are clearly connected. However, the relationship between physical time and psychological time is still not understood and poses a profound mystery. The resolution of this mystery may require a new psychophysical paradigm, in which consciousness interacts with the Universe on a hierarchy of levels, each associated with a different specious present. The implications of this picture for normal, paranormal and mystical states of consciousness will be discussed.