Continental Meeting – Shaping Influences: Fields, Archetypes and Living Systems


Sichow house

Date: September 7 – 11

Our lives and our psychology are shaped by influences of which we are often unaware. Our history, culture, people we meet, the Earth’s living systems and even planetary fields play a significant role in our lives. The idea of formative influences goes back at least to Aristotle, with his notion of the soul as the form of the body, an idea translated into fields in modern physics and also reflected in the research of Ian Stevenson, suggesting that we may carry over physical and psychological influences from previous lives. Archetypes go back even further and are related to the forms of Plato. This meeting follows up our Continental Meeting in Rome last September on Convergent Evolution, Attractors and Love. Join Professor Piotr Skubała, Paul Kieniewicz, David Lorimer and others in an exploration of the hidden influences that shape our lives.

Please send your abstracts on the theme to David Lorimer, [email protected] by July 31 at the latest

The Programme

The formal programme will begin with a welcome dinner on Thursday evening and run through the weekend until breakfast on Monday. The programme will be made up on the basis of abstracts accepted.

Our Location

The Sichów House and Library is located 60 miles southeast of Krakow in a manor house. Once the home of the Potocki and Radziwill families, Sichów is run today as a retreat centre.  The surrounding parkland contains many 200 year-old trees, and is much sought by those who seek a place of peace, meditation and creativity.

Nearby attractions we can visit are the Kurozwęki Palace, Szydłów — a fortified town, Krzyżtopór Castle, Rytwiany Monastery, and the Bald Mountains.

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Travel and Accommodation

The accommodation package for four nights will include transport, lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast from Thursday to Sunday nights, plus lunches and refreshments on Saturday and Sunday. This will cost £140 per head. Registration for the conference itself will be an additional £150, making a total of £290. We envisage participants arriving on Thursday and transferring to Sichow at 4 pm from central Krakow. This may give you some time in the city. There will be local excursions included over the weekend and a return to Krakow after breakfast on Monday. Please email your travel plans ahead of time.

There are flights with Ryanair, Easyjet and British Airways from various UK airports.



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