Dr. Edi Bilimoria – The Unfolding of Consciousness

This talk is in two parts. It addresses the overarching theme of the unfolding of consciousness from the Divine to the material regarding the human being.

Part I: Mystery Teachings About Man – Who or what am I?

We outline the nature of Man from the Mystery Teachings of the West and the East, from archaic ages to the present century. These are the teachings of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Persians; and the modern teachings of the Emerson era in America. It is explained that from whatever corner of the globe these Teachings emanate, their essential purpose is always to unfold the inner nature of Man, the various techniques, trials, and processes in the Mystery Schools all intended for that sole objective. Particular emphasis is placed on explaining the double nature of the mind principle and the divided nature of thought.

Part II: Anthropogenesis – The Derivation of the Human Senses

It is a truism to say that neuroscience is still struggling to explain the hard problem of consciousness in terms of purely material processes in the brain. Here we outline the principal stages in anthropogenesis: the coming into being of Man from Divine Consciousness resulting in the human body with its physical senses materialized on Earth.

The sûtras of Sāmkhya philosophy of ancient India mirrored by equivalent precepts from the New Testament of Christianity and reinforced by esoteric science will constitute the backbone of this exposition. The harmony and internal self-consistency between the Eastern and Western scriptures with the esoteric system is shown to be unmistakable, reinforcing a key premise that however varied its expression may be, the perennial philosophy originates from a central universal wisdom-source.


Dr Edi D. Bilimoria DPhil, DIC, FIMechE, FEI, CEng, EurIng

An ardent student of the perennial philosophy for over forty years, Edi has given courses and lectured extensively in the UK, and internationally in California, The Netherlands, India and Australia. His written work has been published extensively in the fields of science and the esoteric philosophy. His book The Snake and the Rope was awarded the book prize in 2008 by the Scientific and Medical Network. Edi worked as Education Manager for the Theosophical Society in Australia developing study courses and study papers, researching, lecturing and organizing international conferences; as well as supervising the Research Library, National Media Library, National Members Lending Library and the development of the website. Professionally, Edi worked as a consultant engineer to the oil and gas, petrochemical, and transport, industries; currently as safety and environmental engineer for Royal Navy projects including the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier. He is a great lover of classical music, a choral singer and a life-long, accomplished and dedicated pianist.

Consciousness Unfolded is Edi’s latest work in three volumes to be published in 2021.

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