Dr. Mike King – Mountain Calls

Mike King will talk about spiritual paths deeply engaged with, supported by, and supporting of Nature. Many of these paths are explored in his recent environmental novel “Mountain Calls” which is a semi-autobiographical account of his animist encounters with a mountain in Austria. Instead of seeing the human in Darwinistic, materialistic terms, the mountain has helped Mike understand the human as uniquely able to spiritually recapitulate the entire history of Nature within itself. This confers on the human animal both a unique capacity and a unique responsibility, neither of which we generally acknowledge. More about his book can be found here.


MIKE KING was Reader at London Metropolitan University, now retired and working as an independent multi-disciplinary scholar. He has four degrees from British universities spanning the disciplines of arts, science and religion and has published over sixty papers, book chapters, film and book reviews, and six books at the intersection of these fields as well as three novels. He is a Quaker, grows vegetables and likes to walk in fields, mountains, woodland and riverbanks. His books and essays are available at stochasticpress.com.

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