Rupert Sheldrake PhD – Is the Sun Conscious?


If we think of nature as alive rather than unconscious and mechanical, then many new questions arise. We are all familiar with the idea of Gaia, the earth, as a living organism, but what about the sun? And if the sun is alive, is it conscious? And if so, what does it think about? And what about other stars, and indeed the entire galaxy? Rupert Sheldrake will suggest that that the sun is indeed a conscious organism.
Rupert Sheldrake, PhD is a biologist and author of more than 80 scientific papers and 11 books, including The Science Delusion. His web site is
Places are limited, please visit our London Group page for information on how to attend.

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Rupert Sheldrake PhD: Science and Spiritual Practice

Science is now transcending the materialist philosophy, and pointing toward a new sense of a living world. The cosmos is no longer like a machine running down; it is more like a developing organism with an inherent memory, and so is our planet, Gaia. The old idea of determinism has given way to indeterminism, chaos and complexity. The laws of nature may be more like habits. Minds may extend far beyond brains. Memories may not be stored as traces in our brains, and may not be wiped out at death. Mental causation may work from the future towards the past, while energetic causation works from the past towards the future. New experimental research points to the reality of our mental connections to the world around us. These new paradigm shifts in the sciences shed a new light on spiritual practices like pilgrimage, ritual, prayer and the survival of bodily death. In this workshop we will explore some of these many implications.