Dr. Shantena Sabbadini – The I Ching, synchronicity and time

In this presentation we will take as our departure point the I Ching, the ancient Chinese oracle and wisdom book, in order to explore first the notion of time underlying its philosophy and its use, a notion that has been called by C.G. Jung synchronicity. Then we will consider the notion of time in a wider perspective, as it appears in myth, mysticism, philosophical speculation and, last but not least, in modern science. We will find that a thread running through all these various dimensions is the opposition/complementarity of two radically different approaches to time that we could describe as time and timelessness, orbeingand becoming.


Dr. Shantena Augusto Sabbadini (www.shantena.com) worked as a theoretical physicist at the University of Milan and at the University of California. In Milan he researched the foundations of quantum physics. In California he contributed to the first identification of a black hole. In the 1990s he was scientific consultant for the Eranos Foundation (www.eranosfoundation.org). In that context he studied Chinese classics and produced various translations and commentaries in Italian and English. He is director of the Pari Center for New Learning (www.parinetworks.org). His latest book, Pilgrimages to Emptiness: Rethinking Reality through Quantum Physicsis available on Amazon.

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Dr. Herbert van Erkelens: Wolfgang Pauli and the ring i

Theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli discovered through his dreams and his active imagination ‘The Piano Lesson’ a dimension beyond quantum physics and depth psychology connected with love and synchronicity. A Chinese lady offered him in the Piano Lesson a ring that would enable to stay in contact with that dimension. Inside the ring there was an energy present, personified as an inner teacher and turned from lead into gold. The ring is known in mathematics as the complex unit circle and in physics as the heart of quantum physics. It is the ring i where i stands for the imaginary unit. The energy inside the ring represents a consciousness still unknown either to quantum physics or depth psychology, the sacred consciousness of the inner Christ.