Dreaming the Future Conference

dreaming the futureWhen we join our collective intent and wisdom, the possibilities are infinite.
At Dreaming the Future Conference we will acquire a deeper understanding of our extraordinary human capacities and the reality of the spiritual nature of our world.

The speakers, advocates, storytellers and visionaries coming together in Barcelona share a message of optimism and reveal the power inherent in the human spirit, in each one of us, that when aligned with the true nature of creation, enables us to shape and reveal a future at the edge of our imagination that is entirely attainable.

Medical anthropologist and shaman ALBERTO VILLOLDO will explain the neuroscience of enlightenment and share ancient shamanic practices that enable us to wire the brain for bliss and harmony so we can dream a world of health and peace into being.

Evolutionary biologist ELISABET SAHTOURIS will explain how the present global crises can be seen as a transition from youthful competition to mature cooperation and why our stories and dreams of How Things Are and What Is Possible are so essential to our evolving reality.

Molecular biologist CARLO VENTURA will present an evolving picture of somatic and stem cells as a rhythmic component of the universe responding to electromagnetic and acoustic energies and our natural ability for self-healing, the new frontier of regenerative medicine.

Cosmologist JUDE CURRIVAN will detail a revolutionary scientific understanding that will forever transform our perceptions; information IS reality, mind IS matter and consciousness isn’t something we have, it’s what we and the whole world ARE.

Economist and team leader at OSBEEE/Open Source Banking Economy, FRANZ HÖRMANN will help us uncover the main purpose of our existing financial system and how, with a new perspective, most of the currently perceived problems can simply disappear.

Through storytelling, deep wisdom and her global vision LYNNE FRANKS, the UK’s leading women’s empowerment guru, will illuminate a pathway for us to create societal shifts with a new kind of ground-up leadership using circular systems embedded with spiritual values.

Community organizer and social architect JAMAICA STEVENS brings a practical approach to foster holistic solutions in our communities as well as essential principles for re-aligning ourselves, our interpersonal connections and our stewardship of the global village.

Philosopher and writer JORDI PIGEM will lead us from being passive onlookers in a world of objects to participants in a living reality that is now calling us to rediscover who we truly are and what is our place in the world.

CUMIE, whose collaborations include Cirque du Soleil, Bobby McFerrin and U2, will lead us in an experience using our voice through toning as a way to not only harmonize the systems of the body but to transport us from the unseen to the manifest worlds.

Healer and teacher ANNETTE MÜLLER will demonstrate the healing power that is available to all of us through expanded consciousness, how we can access this power and how we will heal in the future.

MICHAL WODZINSKI will help us sort through the barrage of media spin and fake news and to see a new direction for authentic news through human news curation.

This is an event of potential interest to SMN members, but not organised by the SMN. Interested persons should refer to the event organiser Great Mystery

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