#Emerging Proud


Have you, a loved one or a close friend ever experienced distress, trauma, grief or loss? And have you ever felt that what you were experiencing as a personal crisis could be meaningful and have a deeper purpose taking you on a journey towards a new path in life?

On 12th May 2018 we are inviting people to join us at Kingsley Hall in London. The location where the eminent British Psychiatrist R.D. Laing did his revolutionary and pioneering work to help inspire a more compassionate and humane approach to support and treat people with dignity during a mental health crisis.

Following in this tradition of revolutionary mental health reform within society the Emerging Proud movement aspires to create a society that is open about issues relating to mental health, psychological distress and extreme states of consciousness. Where people feel they have a voice and can speak out about these experiences without the fear of being persecuted, ignored or ostracized.

On 12th May 2018 we are creating a safe space to help people to find their voice and speak out about the experiences they have had with others who understand about distress and recovery. On the day we will have the sharing of personal stories of experiences of emotional distress that have led to positive transformation. Also, we will have discussion groups exploring how we can become more active individually and collectively to create a society that can influence political and societal reform around these issues. Furthermore, we will have speakers who have dedicated their life’s work to this cause to help promote and influence this reform within society. Lastly, there will be live acoustic music and visual artwork at the event. This is because it is well known that music and art have therapeutic value and healing potential when experienced by those working through a crisis and coming through the other side.

Please join us and be a part of something greater than yourself. A place where every person’s voice counts, where misunderstandings are rectified and wounds can be healed through a shared sense of belonging, kinship and community.

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