Exploring the Mystery of Time

Exploring the Mystery of Time
September 6 – 12, 2018

with Julian Barbour, Mauro Bergonzi, Warwick Fox, Christopher Hauke, Alison MacLeod, James Peat Barbieri, Hester Reeve, Shantena Augusto Sabbadini, David Schrum and Gordon Shippey

We have a few places left for our annual Pari Dialogue September 6-12. 2018. This year’s topic is Exploring the Mystery of Time.  We have a distinguished lineup who will be exploring Time from the perspectives of physics, philosophy, psychology, consciousness, literature, art and of course Dr Who – the great Time Lord! Those interested should register fairly soon as places are rapidly filling up.

Participants are limited to 20 places. Register early, this is proving to be a popular event.

For more information: www.parinetworks.org
Open to everyone, contact us: [email protected]

During the ‘Time’ event the village of Pari will be honoring the contribution that David Peat made to the life of the village. All participants are invited to join in the celebration. 


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Prof. Bernard Carr: Making Time for Matter and Mind

Although physics claims to be close to a “Theory of Everything”, there are two features of the Universe that are far from understood: time and consciousness. The problem with time is that its role is very different in relativity theory and quantum theory, so its status in any final theory is unclear. The problem with consciousness is that most physicists neglect it altogether, even though there are several indications from physics itself that consciousness is a fundamental rather than incidental feature of the Universe. Since a key feature of consciousness is the flow of time, these two problems are clearly connected. However, the relationship between physical time and psychological time is still not understood and poses a profound mystery. The resolution of this mystery may require a new psychophysical paradigm, in which consciousness interacts with the Universe on a hierarchy of levels, each associated with a different specious present. The implications of this picture for normal, paranormal and mystical states of consciousness will be discussed.