Golden Jubilee

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This year is the Network’s 50th anniversary…

…and we look forward to celebrating it with you!

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Two key events have taken place:

1.) A full day of talks along with an evening reception in London on Wednesday, 5 July, at the St. Bride’s Foundation by Fleet Street, near St. Paul’s. This event was also live streamed and the recording will be included for all.

2.) Our residential Annual Gathering, over the weekend of 7-9 July, at Latimer Estate in Chesham.


Our Jubilee Fundraising Appeal

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In 1973, a distinguished group of individuals came together to create a movement by establishing a Network of qualified scientists and medical doctors, who ‘had adopted or were inclined towards a non-materialist interpretation of the Universe’ – and the Scientific & Medical Network was born.

As an educational charity, the SMN has remained committed to creating lasting change through its original aim of promoting humanity’s spiritual essence as compatible with enlightened scientific thinking. This impulse is reflected in all our work, and remains at the heart of what we do.

Thank you so much for responding to this Golden Jubilee Appeal to extend the outreach of our important work into the next 50 years. Please see the form below to complete your donation. Your vital support will help contribute to our future work.

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