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    Posted by Rex Barker on 12 December 2023 at 9:41 am

    Having joined this group I was surprised that there were no discussions, other than a request for book recommendations, so I thought I would open up an issue I am working through. It began with reading Massimo Citro’s ‘The basic code of the universe’. As I read it there were so many connections with lived experiences that caused me to start setting them out to create a logical order from random events. The first was a question proposed to a group by Francisco Varela at Dartington Hall. He asked, ‘what is the first precondition for a thought to arise?’ I was dumbstruck by the question, and even more by his eventual response – merely, ‘a sense of separation’. It was the idea that the sense of was sufficient that struck me so forcibly. Reading further into the basic code, I realised the different world views of aboriginal people and western cultures. Having been adopted by an aboriginal elder in Sarawak, I experienced their relationship with the world, a far more intimate and sensual connection than I had experienced before. This connected with energy and the field state Massimo explored. The links continued for me, but I wondered what others might sense from reading a book that opened their world in such a fashion? I am neither a scientist nor academic, just someone with an interest and time to explore the nature of reality.

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