26 February – Great Reset/ Great Re-Think

  • 26 February – Great Reset/ Great Re-Think

    Posted by Web Master on 28 February 2021 at 8:41 am

    19:39:38 From Linda Carroll : yes, I loved the Great Reset article. Especially the transcendent metaphysical.

    19:43:49 From Scientific and Medical Network : Everything coming to the fore today in this respect — in general terms, with all kinds of political, social and other agitators making great words about it, or in specific instances, such as in education — is based on illusion because people are unable to see the connections between the physical world and the other spheres of the world. In no way can they gain an idea of what Jesus Christ meant when he said: ‘My kingdom is not of this world’, and why Jesus Christ did not want to bring a kingdom of perfection to realization here in the physical world. There is nothing in the gospels to show that Christ intended to reform this outer kingdom of the physical world and make it into one of perfection. He certainly did not cherish that illusion. But he made up for this lack of desire to establish paradise in the physical world by giving people something which is not of this world: to let impulses enter into their souls which are always alive in the world but are not of this physical world.

    19:45:50 From Scientific and Medical Network : This is Rob’s recent post updating his article: https://www.anhinternational.org/news/revisiting-the-great-reset/

    19:52:53 From Linda Carroll : The idea of consciousness emerging into higher and higher regions of realization. That was SO depressing about the algorithms. Ecological processes on various levels. A continual process of becoming.

    19:54:14 From Linda Carroll : Must start from a value of compassion for ALL sentient beings.

    19:55:12 From Linda Carroll : The extent to which metaphysics is fundamental. All discredited ideologies.

    19:56:28 From Linda Carroll : ‘Childhood’s End’.

    20:01:37 From Scientific and Medical Network : My new editorial is on polarity!

    20:01:47 From Linda Carroll : How can the ideas/experiences of intuitive, spiritual/mystical states be translated into concepts that can be more generally accepted. Not dogmas/doctrines etc but particular holistic insights.

    20:03:45 From Linda Carroll : But we can’t have eternal recurrence of the same etc.

    20:05:04 From Allan Pollock : I am intrigued by the fact the both the Pope and Prince Charles seem sympathetic to the Great Reset

    20:11:24 From Judy Hanmer : I have been really worried about how docilely people have accepted the restrictions on their freedom: Freedom to choose who they see and where they go.

    20:17:08 From Natalie Tobert : https://worlddoctorsalliance.com/

    20:18:31 From Natalie Tobert : https://worldfreedomalliance.org/

    20:18:36 From Scientific and Medical Network : What Rob is describing about doctors is factual

    20:18:51 From Scientific and Medical Network : They are being struck off as he says

    20:19:46 From Scientific and Medical Network : Interesting that this is AI driven!

    20:20:38 From Scientific and Medical Network : https://www.anhinternational.org/news/revisiting-the-great-reset/

    20:21:42 From Linda Carroll : Wow!

    20:23:01 From Scientific and Medical Network : WEF has a great deal of power!

    20:24:02 From Linda Carroll : But the extent and degree of the AI and robotics disrupting/expelling information etc. is so frightening.

    20:24:35 From Scientific and Medical Network : CFR

    20:28:13 From Scientific and Medical Network : UN is ineffectual because of the way it was set up!

    20:29:24 From Francis Standish : Time for some groups participation please! Too much male wrestling! One on his soap box! We are are not just an audience, otherwise we have no agency – part of the problem instead of the solution.

    20:31:31 From Ghislaine Young : just had quick look at wired doctor alliance and ms8n statement written before this second wave and I dispute that covid wards are empty and that hospitals have not been near breaking point. this is a complete fallacy and I am speaking out in defence of my exhausted and traumatised medical and nursing colleagues.

    20:32:51 From Judy Hanmer : And never, even in times of plague, have people been forbidden to be with dying relatives.

    20:33:19 From Natalie Tobert : Thank you Judy

    20:33:23 From Judy Hanmer : It is our individual right to take risks.

    20:36:53 From Ghislaine Young : we have rights but these have to be balanced by our obligations to our fellow humans

    20:37:05 From Ghislaine Young : well said Diana thank you

    20:38:09 From Rowena Fairbairn : The numbers of deaths from Covid are being misreported and I do not believe are reliable statistics to work on. Co-morbidity is prevalent in UK.

    20:38:13 From Judy Hanmer : Yes, I agree abut the obligation to protect others. Its just that as a historian Iw

    20:39:12 From Judy Hanmer : I worry about the undermining of individual rights

    20:39:37 From Rowena Fairbairn : Why are the general public not being invited/supported to take vitamins? No money making as no patents available.

    20:46:07 From Judy Hanmer : Yes!!

    20:46:28 From Linda Vernon : Has anyone read https://charleseisenstein.org/books/ascent-of-humanity/ ? I couldn’t help but think at the start of COVID that we had reached a very necessary “convergence of crises” …

    20:46:46 From Ghislaine Young : yes agree rowena we should all be told about vid D C and zinc and emphasis on protecting against the virus

    20:46:57 From Scientific and Medical Network : Yes I reviewed it

    20:47:17 From Linda Vernon : 💚

    20:49:59 From Sue : All we need is the rise of the divine feminine having been dominated by patriarchal thinking for the past 5000 years……

    20:52:26 From Ghislaine Young : brilliant discussion today ! loved it!

    20:52:56 From Linda Carroll : We must concentrate/reflect on our capacities to coordinate our creative activities and stay positive and spiritually motivated. Follow positive determination to become more inspired and committed.

    20:53:46 From Rowena Fairbairn : Yes more nurturing of ourselves and others.

    20:54:36 From Judy Hanmer : The women are networking like mad to keep everyone’s spirits up.

    20:54:54 From Leila Yazigi : Thank you Paul and Rob for this thought provoking discussion. Love to all.

    20:55:51 From Rowena Fairbairn : Try and have one day a week away from electrical gadgets and see how you feel.

    20:58:44 From Linda Carroll : Steven Pinker conversation sounds very interesting and encouraging. Looking forward to it. We need a strong humility. We need respect and reverence and a higher consciousness.

    21:00:52 From Natalie Tobert : Thank you Rob – it was good to hear your perspective

    21:01:00 From Linda Carroll : Yes, definitely Marilyn.

    21:01:33 From Rowena Fairbairn : Thank you Rob and Paul for leading an interesting topic.

    21:01:45 From Judy Hanmer to Scientific and Medical Network (Privately) : Paul: Amen to that.

    21:02:28 From Linda Carroll : That’s very encouraging to introduce Pinker and the subjective/objective and transcendent.

    21:02:38 From Vasileios BASIOS : yes Pinker is interesting and Marilyn’s input more interesting. let’s hear about the mystic/poet/trinity. See you then next Friday. cheers! and thanks.

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