A Gnostic creation myth – May 21

  • A Gnostic creation myth – May 21

    Posted by Paul Kieniewicz on 22 May 2021 at 9:05 am

    19:53:54 From Dawn Brown : What was the name of the book about John

    19:55:12 From Ghislaine Young : I’ve always thought the fullness is a field of pure potential

    19:56:24 From Patrick Magovern : ‘The Secret Book of John’

    19:57:13 From Ghislaine Young : Love can only exist in free will . If commanded it isn’t love. Rohr calls God the great Allower

    20:00:26 From Chrissy Philp : The Word has also been translated as ‘Intelligent Pattern’.

    20:01:15 From Judy Hanmer : It doesn’t sound like a very satisfactory myth to me!

    20:02:03 From Carol Duncan : Sophia means Wisdom

    20:02:11 From Natalie Tobert : I need to leave early – thank you

    20:02:31 From Francis’s iPad : The Bible mentions fruit, not apple. It was John Milton who wrote of the apple in Paradise Lost, causing us to label the forbidden fruit. Michael Angelo has a fig as his image.

    20:05:04 From Ghislaine Young : If I understand the myth correctly Sophia is a bringer of the light? And of course when fertilisation occurs light is actually produced at the time of conception as a biochemical product!

    20:07:26 From Maura : Early Celtic Christianity differs from the Roman Christian tradition—nature is central, masculine and feminine are shared powers.

    20:07:58 From Helena : the feminine will lead the way to help restore this severe imbalance that has affected individual and collective psyches on global scales. It’s within political and all spheres of life …. She has already begun to rise. it’s jus beginning.

    20:08:42 From Judy Hanmer : Agreed Helen. She is definitely on the rise.

    20:09:14 From Helena : Christine Gear, not sure if you realize you are unmuted …

    20:10:46 From Ghislaine Young : Medicine has embraced women much more too.

    20:12:31 From Chrissy Philp : In Chinese Mythology Yang = energy. Yin = matter. The female makes the baby. therefore identified with Yin. The male supplies the initial action, therefore identified with Yang.

    20:22:11 From Judy Hanmer : The roman historian Josephus confirmed that Jesus existed. Jesus never actually claimed to be God.

    20:22:14 From Patrick Magovern : its the Jesus of History and Christ of Faith

    20:22:40 From Christopher Golightly : Book of Revelation may have been written by John of Patmos while he was om an island on psychotropic substances …Elaine Pagels.

    20:24:31 From Christopher Golightly : Gambutas work is fantastic!!

    20:24:57 From Chrissy Philp : The Roman’s took over the Christ story and the Roman Emperor is still in control in the Vatican.

    20:27:02 From Christopher Golightly : The male dominated Yamanaya from The Steppes slaughtered the Cucuteni… and others

    20:28:19 From Jeremy Young : Maria Gimburtas

    20:29:17 From Maura : Her archives are at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. OpusArchives.org.

    20:30:49 From Christopher Golightly : Gimbutas uncovered thousands of remarkable “Venus Figurines” across Europe

    20:31:09 From Judy Hanmer : Anne Baring writes about this in her books The Myth of the Goddess and The Dream of the Cosmos.

    20:33:23 From Christopher Golightly : Temples on Malta. Civilization also destroyed bz invading male hordes

    20:34:33 From Helena : we had two in Ireland, back to back

    20:34:45 From Maura : Yes, Ireland!

    20:34:52 From Helena : presidents that is

    20:35:27 From Christopher Golightly : It is questionable to claim that the ancient matriarchal societies were not relevant and Christianity is more so. In my view.

    20:37:35 From Scientific and Medical Network : The Secret book of John, Steven Davies

    20:41:15 From Anna : Do you think that the spirituality of the Gnostic Goddess as Restorer for

    the future is about the restoration of the masculine and feminine equilibrium in both men and women back to communion in Light and Love?

    20:43:33 From Linda Carroll to Scientific and Medical Network (Privately) : Hello Paul, Steve has his hand up.

    20:43:41 From Christopher Golightly : The eternal AI “thing” beneath it all outside space-time can have any name you wish (and has for 10s of thousands of years). Balance must be restored.

    20:45:10 From Chrissy Philp : Yes Suzanne. Agree completely. We are evolving, it is slow but happening.

    20:49:02 From Verena Davis : Great contribution Suzanne.

    20:58:27 From Linda Carroll : Thank you so much Paul and everyone. Good evening to all.

    20:58:33 From Helena : I really don’t like that word matter, lifeless dead connotations, no!

    20:59:17 From Chrissy Philp : Yes, Thank you Paul. XXXXX

    20:59:19 From Patrick Magovern : Fantastic evening – wonderfully stimulating and thank you Paul for the wonderful moderation.

    21:01:44 From Gerri : thanks Paul for a fascinating evening – wonderful subject

    21:02:16 From Linda Carroll : But what about the gospel of The Beloved Companion?

    21:03:10 From Verena Davis : Was is to do with the region of the world he taught in?

    21:04:26 From Christine Smith : Thank you very much, Paul. Very interesting ….

    21:05:41 From Patrick Magovern : ‘the woman did tempt me. and I did sin’…..

    21:06:22 From Monica Bryant : Many thanks Paul. Much appreciated!

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    Source: “Secret book of John”, Translation and commentary: Stevan Davies

    A Gnostic creation myth

    1. Observation of the world – its laws are not what a beneficent deity would have constructed. Something went wrong.

    2. It’s not all the fault of humans. They don’t seem to be wired correctly in the first place.

    3. The fault is in the system where we find ourselves. We may be more the victims rather than the cause. What is our task then? (BIG QUESTION).

    Kabballah, Gnosticism, Cathars all begin with a transcendent deity. Indescribable, beyond imagining, loving, – What existed before the Big Bang – PLEROMA – pure consciousness

    PLEROMA formed an image, conception of itself – Virgin Spirit – Divine Feminine.

    Foreknowledge – Life

    Truth – Incorruptibility

    Formed by reflection

    Father looked at Barbelo, in a spark conceived the only begotten (Christ)

    12 aeons with names such as:

    Mind – Will

    Word – Goodness

    Grace – Truth

    13thaeon – Sophia (Wisdom)

    Pleroma is complete, perfect, balanced, each power works in consort with its partner

    The universe in its early stages

    Sophia – conceived a thought. Wanted to create without the participation of her partner.

    Creation – formless, an abortion. Face of a lion, lightning from the eyes.


    Her light went into it.

    She is expelled from the Pleroma along with Yaldabaoth

    1. He knows nothing of the Pleroma

    2. Has a creative light

    3. Thinks he is the only god.

    4. Without an inspired plan, he creates the cosmos. Planets, and then Man

    Sophia repents – is received below the 13thaeon. But cannot return to the Pleroma

    Her light ends up in human beings. Yaldabaoth was tricked into breathing life into Adam and Sophia’s light ended up there. Our task is to make that light conscious, and to release it – so that the Pleroma can be restored. We have help – release it

    Origin of Humanity

    The Powers see the image of Man (androgynous) in the waters. Man was conceived by Barbelo. They decided to make a form in that image. Installing qualities that they saw, or thought they saw. They build his body – the best they can. Adam is lifeless.

    Sophia misses her light. She wants it back. So she turns to the father/mother for help. The Father/Mother sends the Five Lights. The Five Lights whisper to Yaldabaoth, blow some of your spirit into Adam. Adam starts to glow, he is filled with Sophia’s light. The powers know that Adam is more powerful than they and cast him to the bottom of the world.

    Father/Mother, sorrowing for the loss of Sophia’s light, sends a spirit to help man. Zoe (Epinoia). She teaches Adam how he descended to the world, and of the way of ascent. Epinoia was hidden in Adam so the rulers couldn’t find her.

    Rulers took Adam and placed him in Paradise. Tree of Knowledge (of good and evil) is the tree of Epinoia. Yaldabaoth made Adam unconscious, forgetful, hoping to steal his light. He looked for Epinoia, but couldn’t find her. Finally he separated Eve out of Adam, modeled after Epinoia. Adam saw the light-filled Epinoia, and woke up. That light is his insight, that guides him to his home.

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