LSD – Mind of the universe with Chris Bache

  • LSD – Mind of the universe with Chris Bache

    Posted by Paul Kieniewicz on 17 May 2021 at 6:47 pm

    19:35:59 From Diana Clift : little random factoid. I lived for 36 years n the street where Aldous Huxley was born in Godalming

    19:38:16 From Verena Davis : Paul, I can only stop by for the first 30 mins but want to touch base with you and the tribe.

    19:38:50 From Tanya & Armando : Paul can you mute everyone please?

    19:40:48 From Tanya & Armando : Great idea! @ co-host to mute people

    19:44:51 From Linda Carroll : Do you mean primitive terrors etc.

    19:45:50 From Diana Clift : Chrissy, that sounds amazing and profound

    19:46:58 From Linda Carroll : Can the dreamer challenge a dragon who guards a treasure?

    19:47:20 From Linda Carroll : Killing of the Old Gods.

    19:49:05 From Linda Carroll : Only those who have undergone the initiation knows the depth of such experiences.

    19:49:45 From Linda Carroll : A quest for the Holy Grail.

    19:50:06 From Judy Hanmer : The ‘big dreams’ I have had contain elements or people which might be identified with archetypes.

    19:50:31 From Linda Carroll : Yes, Judy, I agree, the archetypes.

    19:51:41 From Denise Gurney : If you keep yourself separate from the mind of the Universe, you will disown the dream as your own. Why not put yourself as everything in the dream eg be the gate, be the cupboard, be the head of each of the gods, whatever – then you really own it.

    19:51:43 From Linda Carroll : I’ve had images of the tree, the garden and the round tower.

    19:52:58 From Chrissy Philp : Yes. A tree – I like the fact yours included a garden and tower too.

    19:53:53 From claresuart : Yes, Denise.. agreed

    19:55:43 From Scientific and Medical Network to Scientific and Medical Network (Privately) : I suspect Chris has got the time zone wrong so he may appear at 830!

    19:56:16 From Linda Carroll : But the sun as image of Solar Power can be very overwhelming. A masculine image of a tremendous energy.

    19:57:27 From Judy Hanmer : Denise: Yes, its often fun being the gate and the cupboard, but in the dream group I belong to bathrooms often feature a great deal. Perhaps this is to do with the Solutio stage in the alchemical process.

    19:59:55 From Scientific and Medical Network : Totally Jenny in terms of consciousness

    20:00:15 From Denise Gurney : I agree with you Jenny

    20:00:22 From Scientific and Medical Network : Also in France

    20:03:00 From Chrissy Philp : I used to conduct inner journeys to help people with their problems. It was possible to change their negative attitudes. The inner journeys were like waking dreams.

    20:04:02 From Chrissy Philp : Has anyone heard of Milton Erickson? I leaned a lot from him.

    20:14:03 From Linda Carroll : An ultimate intelligence, a metaphysical state of Being from which all the various religions of the world have all drawn into their own particular systems.

    20:16:57 From Linda Carroll : Is it a numinous realm of totality.

    20:17:07 From Scientific and Medical Network : I had the same question!

    20:23:46 From Judy Hanmer : A warning note: some people have really bad trips and threaten to jump out of windows! My mentor Frank Lake worked with LSD in the fifties and discovered the down side of their use.

    20:24:33 From Chrissy Philp : Yes Judy. That was why I was a carer for my friends.

    20:24:58 From claresuart : THANK YOU Jenny

    20:27:29 From Jenny Wiltshire : Context is very important for the use of psychedelics; I did my trip under the care of two shamans, over a weekend, very carefully modulated, calibrated and integrated.

    20:27:42 From Diana Clift : I saw LSD cause ‘bad trips’ and serious mental problems for friends. It put me off and I never took it. I took other psychedelics including nutmeg!

    20:28:10 From Denise Gurney : thanks everyone, really interesting yet again. x D

    20:32:24 From iPad de Todd : So much has been learned as to how to facilitate positive psychedelic experiences and minimize the negative, though the “challenge” of the “bad trips” can often be intensely positive in the long run. Truly discounting is a personal or family history of psychosis, and that has been a source of many of the valid horror stories

    20:42:12 From Chrissy Philp : I agree with Chris. Absolutely.

    20:46:45 From Diana Clift : I have to leave. Wonderful discussion in the true sense of the word ‘wonderful’

    20:46:48 From Linda Carroll : The process of purification and fire transmuted into the process of metamorphosis.

    20:50:34 From Yohance Osborne : I agree Chris. Space remembers all the pain that has pervaded throughout the world over the ages, through vibrations.

    20:50:51 From Linda Carroll : The terrors of persecutions and inquisitions and the terrible quest for understanding the origin of such horrors. The hell of the concept of the diabolical hell of theological interpretations.

    20:51:31 From Christine Smith : Question : Can the planet be saved???

    20:58:09 From Linda Carroll : Thank you so much for this fascinating conversation.

    21:02:36 From Patrick Magovern : Thank you Chris – read your most recent book with great interest -especially the comments about participating in ‘collective redemption’. Who else besides Teresa of Avia helped you along the Way of realizing that we live constantly with one foot in either world ?(That’s a bit binary but…… know what I mean!

    21:03:37 From Linda Carroll : The metaphysical embraces the universal being of existence. It is infinite and beyond human understanding of the nature of any Divinity.

    21:07:03 From Chrissy Philp : On my model The Creative Heaven IS the Universe. The Father in Heaven. Our planet is Mother. Check it out on Chrissy Philp. The universe is the cosmic software that runs our brains. Yes amazingly intelligent.

    21:07:19 From Yohance Osborne : Thanks Chris! Fantastic

    21:07:25 From Scientific and Medical Network : Thanks so much Chris!

    21:07:33 From Linda Carroll : Thank you so much.

    21:07:54 From claresuart : Very very special, Thank you Chris

    21:07:57 From Alan Malby : Thank you Chris

    21:08:04 From Christof King : Many thanks Chris – very interesting and informative session!

    21:08:06 From Linda Carroll : Yes, Kabballah would be good subject.

    21:08:07 From Jeannet Weurman : Thanks so much, Chris and everyone! Wonderful evening. 🙂

    21:08:15 From Lorna Rook : So interesting and inspiring, thank you Chris.

    21:08:22 From davidgeraintjenkins : Yes please the Kabala

    21:08:37 From Terry Brownlee-Blake : Thank you so much Chris as usual beyond inspiring thank you

    21:08:52 From Chris Todhunter : Could the power of poetry be a topic of a future session?

    21:09:19 From Linda Carroll : The poetic imagination would also be great – thank you.

    21:09:26 From Sue D. : Thank you so much Paul for sharing your stories and especially to Chris for all he has learned and is willing to discuss and share

    21:09:27 From Judy Hanmer : I have a feeling that some people would like to spend more time unpacking what Chris has said. I sometimes have problems with the way we jump from one subject to another.

    21:10:03 From Jeannet Weurman : I agree, Judy – it might be good to stay with all this for a bit.

    21:10:19 From claresuart : Agreed Judy

    21:10:42 From silviakogan : Thank you Chris for sharing something of your journey. Also to Paul for organising these amazing talks.

    21:10:44 From Linda Carroll : Perhaps we could interweave Kabballah, poetic imagination and the insights of Chris Bache.

    21:11:39 From Tanya & Armando : Thank you Chris, for the wonderful talk and responses. 🙏🏼 Thank you Paul for this evening!

    21:11:53 From Yohance Osborne : It’s a turning point indeed Chris!

    21:11:54 From Chrissy Philp : I agree with Chris yet again. It will be OK.

    21:12:39 From Leila Yazigi/Jeantelot : Thank you so much Paul for having invited Chris. Wonderful talk

    21:12:51 From tess : brilliant and beautiful .. thank you Chris x

    21:13:12 From Linda Carroll : Thank you Paul, Chris, David and everyone. Good evening to all.

    21:13:58 From Monika Kaniewska : Thank you so much it was absolutely fantastic!

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