\”Science – Arts – Spirituality\” – March 5 discussion with Marilyn Monk

  • \”Science – Arts – Spirituality\” – March 5 discussion with Marilyn Monk

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    Some discussion threads

    20:27:28 From Scientific and Medical Network : Interesting comparison with Larry LeShan, whose 1974 book was The Medium, the Mystic and the Scientists. Here is the link to the SPR review of a more recent book:https://www.spr.ac.uk/book-review/landscapes-mind-faces-reality-lawrence-leshan

    20:28:45 From Christine Smith : Is there not too much value placed one academic achievement?

    20:29:02 From Judy Hanmer : I find the chakra system very helpful in that one has to balance he energy of each chakra in order to live comfortably with ourselves and others.

    20:32:12 From Yohance Osborne : Observer=Instinct?

    20:32:51 From Linda Carroll : Is the observer the monitoring centre that manages the various aspects.

    20:33:32 From Judy Hanmer : No the observer isn’t instinct. It is someone who stands back and observes how the rest of the components of the personality are working or behaving.

    20:34:50 From Linda Carroll : So is the ideal ego a centre within the orbit of various parts. The observer is the flexible centre within the orbit of experience.

    20:36:35 From Linda Carroll : Could the observer be the Christ centre within the whole system of the cosmos.

    20:39:04 From Yohance Osborne : Perhaps we could say the choices made of the observer is guided by an awareness of the circumstances that are communicated into consciousness through the senses?

    20:40:02 From claresuart : That might make sense Yohance….

    20:40:38 From Yohance Osborne : I’m trying to formulate how the role of the observer might evolve in response to the necessity to be appropriate in the sense Marilyn shared.

    20:40:46 From Francis Standish : Thank you Marylyn – a really helpful clear model. A form of holy trinity! I’m reminded of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences.

    20:41:20 From Judy Hanmer : It is Scientist X who has been worrying me as he rubbishes my mystic and thinks I am ridiculous to see something in religion.

    20:41:22 From claresuart : Yohance, you make the choice

    20:41:39 From Yohance Osborne : Indeed Clare 🙂

    20:43:22 From Ghislaine Young : I would say that the best doctors are those who recognise these different aspects in each of us and allow them through. as a nurse I was most effective when these aspects were in coherence. a hunch could then be subject to a rational and scientific validation for instance. and communication relied on the mystic and very subtle ways of relating

    20:43:26 From Katherine Darton : the things that jhave been repeated and are therefore known to work, all must have been done for the first time probably by someone following a hunch.

    20:43:30 From Linda Carroll : Is the problem that we imagine ourselves as ‘outside’ whereas we are within the whole of existence. We are centre of reception.

    20:44:38 From Christine Smith : Then there’s acupuncture and homeopathy…..

    20:46:00 From Rowena Fairbairn : Is knowledge learnt but wisdom is the divine prompting within you?

    20:46:36 From Linda Carroll : I love the ‘divine prompting within’ thank you Rowena.

    20:46:43 From Ghislaine Young : I like that Rowena very much

    20:46:58 From Scientific and Medical Network : Yes. Knowledge of the heart – is gnosis, akin to inuition

    20:49:13 From Linda Carroll : Thank you so much for such a wonderful conversation.

    20:49:57 From Linda Carroll : Yes, that would be wonderful! Thank you Marilyn.

    20:50:51 From Rowena Fairbairn : Hanzy. Acknowledgement of anxiety is first step, so that’s great. Dr Edward Bach Flower Essences can help .

    20:51:46 From marilyn monk : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKTyaFVIpJE

    20:52:19 From Linda Carroll : Wonderful to have that link from Marilyn.

    20:52:29 From marilyn monk : scientist poet and mystic link above

    20:53:49 From Linda Carroll : That would be terrific – depending upon others – to continue a bit longer.

    20:53:59 From Rowena Fairbairn : Great challenge, thanks Suzanne

    20:54:37 From Leila Yazigi : Thank you so much Marilyn. Great talk.

    20:54:45 From Linda Carroll : Sounds great – Spiritual Emergence. Thank you.

    20:55:01 From Silvia : Marilyn, thanks so much for the insights within your presentation.

    20:55:15 From Rowena Fairbairn to Scientific and Medical Network (Privately) : Paul, thanks for hosting a great evening. Must leave now but need to cook ….!

    20:57:31 From Linda Carroll : Extraordinary!

    21:02:03 From Linda Carroll : These must be very rare individuals.

    21:02:39 From Brenda Freeman : thank you Marilyn and everyone for the discussion. . Fascinating

    21:03:56 From Linda Carroll : It’s so dreadful isn’t it. The unfortunate animals.

    21:05:09 From Linda Carroll : They would probably not admit to these spheres of ‘knowing’.

    21:05:41 From Linda Carroll : We live so much in the horizontal level.

    21:07:25 From Linda Carroll : Science has delivered wonderful benefits to humanity.

    21:07:59 From Linda Carroll : There is a huge bias towards the intellectual/academic achievement.

    21:08:42 From Tanya & Armando : (T) *raising hand* @ mystic

    21:10:08 From Linda Carroll : Go for it Steve.

    21:12:23 From Linda Carroll : I think we all have those inner senses that we struggle with to realize a higher understanding.

    21:14:36 From Silvia : Mozart, at 14 years of age attended the performance of Miserere in the Sistine Chapel. He then proceeded to hear it in a just few moments and then went home and was able to transcribe it. Is that genius? If so, what is genius?

    21:15:26 From Judy Hanmer : Must go. So glad there are other mystics among us!

    21:15:39 From Linda Carroll : Thank you Judy.

    21:16:32 From Silvia : Great session, as ever. Many thanks to all concerned. Have a good weekend and keep warm. Silvia

    21:23:18 From Linda Carroll : Thank you all so much.

    21:23:51 From Linda Carroll : Thank you so much Marilyn -delighted to have the link.

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