The Kabbalah

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    19:37:00 From Suzanne Taylor : A good read: about the relative and the ultimate with me and Lex Hixon…

    19:39:03 From Chantal Toporow to Scientific and Medical Network (Privately) : Can you mute everyone please

    19:45:13 From Alison Wakelin : Shouldn’t the highest level describing the intention to create be heart, not will?

    19:46:30 From Verena Davis : The Will of the Soul, Thy Will Be Done, rather than the

    19:46:45 From Verena Davis : will of the personality/ego.

    19:47:25 From Suzanne Taylor : Shouldn’t he be showing us in a shared screen?

    19:47:40 From Athena Constantine : Perhaps a map of the dynamics of awareness

    19:51:49 From Alison Wakelin : Has there been any modification of this tree of life diagram due to the philosophers such as Whitehead, B Bergson, Teilhard? The more feminine aspects of the process. Are Kabbalists studying such thought?

    20:07:27 From Linda Carroll : Thank you Tuvi.

    20:10:58 From Christopher Golightly : “The shattering of the vessels” (in Hebrew, “Shevirat haKeilim”) of the world of Tohu is the key concept in explaining the basic problem of diverseness and multiplicity in Creation as well as the origin of evil and is a central component in the Arizal’s system of Kabbala, where it receives a full exposition.

    20:15:39 From Anne Stephens, Bradford : tikkun olam

    20:18:18 From Christopher Golightly : One day, someone like Bernard Carr (and other brilliant physicists and quantum mechanics) will likely be able to describe the processes of Tzimtzum contraction to create the “space” for 4-D space-time continuum to start, develop and grow.

    20:22:12 From Anne Baring : They said Nature was the garment of God.

    20:24:20 From Heather Leslie VUA : Tuvi, that was a great message you just gave, thank you so much.

    20:24:32 From Christopher Golightly : Another link to support Tuvi’s clear presentation, again about breaking vessels and sparks: “Isaac Luria taught what amounts to a 16th-century version of a gnostic myth, organized around three main themes: tzimtzum [“contraction”], shevirat ha-kelim [“the shattering of the vessels”], and tikkun [“repair” or “fixing”]”.

    20:25:18 From Ian Wight : The missing intention in evolution? Could this be specified as ‘ever-more-whole-making’?

    20:25:26 From Scientific and Medical Network : Thank you Christopher Golightly for your comments. Very interesting

    20:30:45 From Linda Carroll : ‘…and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time’. Eliot. The original image of God walking with humankind in the Garden of Eden is the end of the quest. Each of us is a vessel, a crucible of transformation. Tree of Knowledge towards Tree of Life. We are ‘becoming’ with the correct heart/soul and intention. The legend of the Holy Grail realised within each individual. Love.

    20:31:14 From davidgeraintjenkins : Newton worked out date fro the end of the world 2032

    20:33:50 From Linda Carroll : Each of us has an ego attached to specific constructs of ‘reality’.

    20:33:51 From Heather Leslie VUA : I wonder what the intentions are of the people who don’t participate in elections?

    20:35:32 From Linda Carroll : We need to transcend all the various ideologies and partial interpretations of ‘reality’ to move towards higher forms of consciousness. Hierarchies of consciousness.

    20:36:47 From Ian Wight : Holarchies of consciousness?

    20:38:49 From Linda Carroll : In ‘our’ probability field we need to ‘collapse’ into wisdom about the future of this planet. We must become the consciousness of the earth and change course rapidly.

    20:41:27 From Heather Leslie VUA : That’s what I call intention! (i.e. will to donate the books)

    20:45:39 From Natalie Tobert : Peter – maybe you were Jewish in a past life – and remember things?

    20:47:29 From davidgeraintjenkins : The lost 10 tribes of Israel!!!

    20:47:45 From Christopher Golightly : Prof. Seth Lloyd:

    20:51:03 From Chris Todhunter : I don’t follow this notion of the universe as a computer – consisting of information. To quote Bernardo Kastrup – it does not make sense to think of the ontological foundation as information. The notion of information is amorphous and not well defined.

    20:53:41 From Athena Constantine : Mendeleev dream of periodic table

    20:53:44 From Anne Baring : The alchemists said “Imagination is the star in man”

    20:54:08 From Linda Carroll : Federico Faggin definitely does not see the universe aa a computer – sees consciousness as primary and the origin of life.

    20:55:32 From Linda Carroll : Like Anne Baring – we are entering the Stellar Age – we are all points of starlight now that the Solar Age is disintegrating.

    20:55:38 From Peter Hardwick : Hello Natalie – your comment is correct. I trained with Roger Woolger as a past life regression therapist. I have had five lives where I was Jewish. That’s probably one influencing reason I wanted to relate my experience with the Jewish man in Brashov who ”knew” I was Jewish!

    20:56:37 From Linda Carroll : We need Anne Baring’s Dream of The Cosmos. We must become the change that is desperately needed.

    20:57:59 From Anne Baring : Tuvi – thank you so much for what you have shown us.

    20:58:02 From Linda Carroll : Thank you so much Tuvi = this has been a great conversation. It’s all alchemy.

    21:00:04 From Christine Smith : Thank you Tuvi, and Paul. A very interesting chat. xx

    21:02:43 From Christopher Golightly : Please do send Tuvis links

    21:02:48 From Linda Carroll : Thank you Tuvi, Paul and everyone – good evening to all.

    21:02:52 From Heather Leslie VUA : Thank you very much!

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    Chat from June 4

    19:36:52 From Tonya Reed : I’m up the street from you. I also live in West Hollywood, off the Sunset Strip! 💛

    19:37:44 From maura Conlon-McIvor : Suzanne….Share your Air bnb link! 🙂

    19:38:17 From Tonya Reed : Susan, I will say hello. I’m on Larrabee, off the Sunset Strip.

    19:38:40 From Denise Gurney : in view of the fact that travelling is so challenging right now, I would love to offer my home if anyone here wants to come and stay – I live in a glorious place and miss great conversations.

    19:39:06 From Alison Wakelin : Where, Denise?

    19:39:47 From Magda Gunessee-Verdickt : Can you spell the name of the author?

    19:39:48 From Denise Gurney : Pott Shrigley, near Macclesfield. in Cheshire. here’s my email [email protected] xxx

    19:40:40 From Alison Wakelin : Thank you

    19:42:37 From Scientific and Medical Network : Olga Tokarczuk

    19:43:37 From Magda Gunessee-Verdickt : Thank you

    19:47:53 From Christof King : Great experience – did you say he was under hypnosis when the telepathy was happening?

    20:08:14 From Natalie : Tuvi how do people with information overload, seeing visions that other people can’t see, maybe diagnosed with mental health labels, fit into the diagramme?

    20:14:08 From Denise Gurney : This matter of intention is a real problem in scientific enquiry, because if the scientist has the intention to look for a specific result, he will find it with his studies. Better to disprove a theory than look to prove one

    20:15:53 From Verena Davis : Sylvia Clare and Abelardo are unmuted.

    20:16:45 From Linda Carroll : Thank you so much Tuvi – this is wonderful.

    20:17:08 From Jeannet Weurman : Thanks so much, Tuvi! Amazing. 🙂

    20:17:20 From Andrew : Thank you Tuvi!

    20:17:37 From Jerome B : Thank you Tuvi for a fascinating talk – please can I have a copy of your slides? Sadly I need to go.

    20:17:47 From Denise Gurney : Fabulous talk x

    20:18:37 From silviakogan : Tuvi, thank you so much for your great presentation,

    20:19:21 From Christine Smith : That was great, thanks Tuvi

    20:20:03 From Verena Davis : Paul, Tuvi has so much information to impart perhaps he can continue another session?

    20:21:13 From Denise Gurney : yes please

    20:21:57 From Maria Stoianov : it would be great, please

    20:22:42 From maura Conlon-McIvor : Yes for another session with Tuvi, thank you!

    20:22:49 From Linda Carroll : Would it be possible to have Tuvi’s great diagrams? It would be great to have a further discussion.

    20:23:10 From chrisgaal : I would also like copies of the slides to be available, and more info , especially on those last slides, which had to be rushed through because of time constraints. I missed the 5 levels which Tuvi was starting to explain. Many thanks for a great presentation. Chris

    20:23:44 From Jeannet Weurman : Question – Tuvi, can you say a bit about how bad choices originate – is there a choice for ‘bad’ at the highest level / Keter?

    20:28:16 From Eilish Friedman : Yes please – I would appreciate the diagrams if possible?

    20:29:44 From Linda Carroll : I know about the Prague Golem but forget what was imprinted on his forehead?

    20:33:27 From Alison Wakelin : Quantum Physics appears to allow free will back into science in some way

    20:34:59 From Judy Hanmer : Thank you Tuvi. This will send me back to the Kabbalah I have studied it in the past and found this very inspiring. Guest arriving, so I have to leave.

    20:37:22 From Gerard Kuiken : We have Freedom of Choice. See Big Bell Test Collaboration: Abell\’an, C., {\it et al.}, Challenging local

    realism with human choices,” {\it Nature}, 2018, Vol.\ 557, pp.\ 212–216,

    preprint November 2018 at arXiv:1805.04431v3.

    20:44:11 From Alison Wakelin : That would not be the most loving sort of God I think

    20:45:24 From Alison Wakelin : The Kabbalah seems very masculine. I wonder if there is a feminine expression of Judaism emerging today?

    20:46:45 From Denise Gurney : I can’t believe that the Holocaust was created from Keter level consciousness.

    20:48:50 From Heather Leslie : that made me think of the Chinese farmer story…. sometimes it is hard to really recognize what is bad or good at the time it is happening, because everything is very complex. (The holocaust example is a whole different level of bad, that goes without saying.)

    20:49:10 From Alison Wakelin : The Hebrew prophets seemed to say bad things happen as a consequence of how the Hebrew tribes were behaving. More like a karmic sort of thing.

    20:49:12 From Linda Carroll : Half of the figures within the Kabbalah are feminine – the balance is down the middle pillar the centre Tipareth where the masc/feminine are reconciled. Also regarding Judaism look to Anne Baring and the exclusion of the Feminine Asherah by the Deuteronomists.

    20:49:21 From Jeannet Weurman : Thank you for answering the question, Tuvi – not an easy one!

    20:50:38 From Linda Carroll : Also the legends of the Holy Grail are centred on the quest for the lost feminine principle – Sophia.

    20:52:13 From maura Conlon-McIvor : Perhaps here we witness the fire of love in each other?

    20:54:56 From Linda Carroll : The Cathars, the Rosicrucians and the alchemists were all concerned with The Sacred Marriage of the masculine and feminine principles. Brother Sun, Sister Moon and Mother Earth. Anne Baring believes that we are in chronic need of entering the Stellar phase – following the Lunar Era and the ending – hopefully – of the dire Solar Age.

    20:56:34 From Linda Carroll : Following from Carl Sagan’s ‘We are star-stuff’ we may imagine ourselves as stars.

    20:58:55 From Leila Yazigi/Jeantelot : Thank you Tuvi. Such interesting notions. Thank you Paul. Love and Light to all.

    21:01:14 From Jeannet Weurman : I’m very sorry but I’m going to have to leave you all. Very interesting meeting. Thanks again for your presentation, Tuvi. Very interesting!

    21:01:40 From Linda Carroll : Thank you Tuvi – such a great presentation.

    21:01:42 From Natalie : thank you everyone and Tuvi

    21:02:56 From Eilish Friedman : An excellent presentation Tuvi – thank you so much.

    21:02:59 From Denise Gurney : Carolyn Myss discusses how the imbalances in the Sefirot has effects on parts of the body : Anatomy of the Spirit

    21:03:02 From silviakogan : A fascinating evening’s discussion so thank you Tuvi and all the participants.

    21:04:05 From Verena Davis : In the diagram are the colours important and what is the significance of the “unsolid” circle DAAT/knowledge?

    21:06:52 From Christopher Golightly : The slaughter of 6 million shows a complete absence of Good. It shows perhaps all we sparks have too much Free Will. Could be a design fault.

    21:08:06 From Ana Ribeiro : thank you Tuvi! fantastic.. yes, to 11 June 🙂

    21:08:22 From Linda Carroll : Thank you Tuvi – such a stimulating conversation.

    21:08:29 From Maria Stoianov : Thank you so much Tuvi! It was brilliant!!!

    21:08:39 From Andrew : Thank you so much Tuvi!

    21:08:44 From Linda Carroll : Thank you Paul and good evening to everyone.

    21:08:58 From alan : Thank you, everyone

    21:09:04 From Verena Davis : The Holocaust was one deep and terrible aspect of the Second World War which initiated many changes.

    21:09:05 From Christof King : Thanks – a very interesting evening!

    21:09:06 From Andrew : Thank you Paul, great idea to ask Tuvi to return, much richness

    21:09:19 From valeriewade : It was fantastic! can next week be taped as I am travelling?> Please…..

    21:10:23 From marilyn : Thanks Tuvi and everyone.

    21:10:29 From Anna : Wonderful, thank you Tuvi, it’s opened a fabulous discussion..

    21:11:08 From Heather Leslie : Beautiful way to spend this evening. I have the will and intention to see you June 11th. 🙂

    21:11:55 From maura Conlon-McIvor : Thank you.

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