Reply To: The Subtle Body

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    Alex Sullivan

    23 May 2022 at 10:38 pm

    Insubstantiality and substatiality should be clearly differentiated.

    One place

    has insubstantiality and substantiality;

    every place

    has the same insubstantiality and substantiality.

    All parts of the body are strung together

    without the slightest break.


    comes from

    Wu Chi

    and is the mother of Yin and Yang (insubstantiality and substantiality… Purusha and Prakriti…Shiva and Shakti… Spirit and Matter).

    In motion it separates;

    in stillness they fuse.

    It is not excessive or deficient;

    accordingly when it bends,

    It then straightens.

    Form is(to me) peripheral. I like to think of said form as a mere emulation of spirit (of which in motion may be referred to as the Great River or Great Way); thus, illusionary in our experience of it.

    Like attracts like.

    The dust dwels in niches.

    May we discern whether the question is being asked in space or time? Path or state? What is it that is wanting to know? A radio must be tuned to receive. Is it the Form or form you talk of?