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    Jacques Mahnich

    10 January 2022 at 1:34 pm

    Hello Bo, and thank you for your reply and comments.

    Regarding Dr Sheldrake’s Morphogenic Field Theory, it seems to apply more to the mental plan. A form of mental “matter” which can be impressed by our thoughts and which can be “accessed” by anyone tuned to it’s “frequencies”. That would explain the simultaneity of scientific discoveries all over the world, and the telepathy phenomenon which is now scientifically proven (Dean Radin, 2013 – Supernormal).

    The subtle matter we are trying to characterize, is, according to the Ancient Indian Traditions, the subtle matrix which “create” or “mold” the forms, any form. As we know, the building blocks of physical matter where created (or re-created) at the beginning of this cycle (Science called it the Big Bang). These basic particle (quarks, electrons, neutrinos, photons) are eternal. They can undergo as many transformation/combination as we can imagine, which create forms, but they are still identical (conservation of energy law). The water we drink today is made of particles created 13.5 billion years ago… So the question is : what is the mechanism which make these particles to assemble in such a way that it allows the evolution that we can see, from mineral to vegetal to animal to human, to …

    There must be a subtle matrix to organize the cosmos and its evolution. If we start (Bottom-Up approach) from the ground (physical world), with current scientific knowledge (materialistic paradigm), it is almost impossible to have any vision of what that matrix could be. Every step of evolution is justified by Chance or Necessity. If we start with the Top-Down approach of the Traditions, we have some interesting hypothesis to study and maybe to test. The difficulty there is the complexity of the languages of each Tradition and the “veils” which have ciphered it.

    If we look at some of the 6 Schools of Philosophy of Ancient India, like the Samkhya or the Vedanta, we find a description of the process of creation of the cosmos (cosmogenesis) and of man (anthropogenesis), starting from pure Spirit, and through a “scaling down” of initial “vibration”, we see the apparition of various plans, endowed with more and more slower vibrations, to reach the physical plane as the lowest. Just above it is this plane of subtle matter which is bearing the model of the forms, inherited from the spirit. That gives us an “intelligent design” agent to transform the “divine” thought into physical forms. That is where we may want to investigate. There must be a form of continuity between this subtle plan and the physical one. This is where we need a GPS to guide our quest.