Harald Walach on the Conversations Beyond Science and Religion podcast

As the case against materialism builds, the credentials of the opponents to this pessimistic view of the world continue to increase.  This show’s guest, Dr. Harald Walach, holds a double Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, and History and Theory of Science.  He is currently a professor with Poznan Medical University in Poznan, Poland, and author of more than 170 peer reviewed papers, 14 books, and 100 book chapters. He is also the main author of a special report issued by the Galileo Commission, entitled, Beyond a Materialistic Worldview: Towards an Expanded Science.  As Dr. Walach writes, the purpose of this enterprise is to “find ways to expand the scope of science so that it is no longer constrained by an outmoded view of matter and physical reality, and can explore and accommodate significant human experiences, especially evidence indicating that consciousness may go beyond the brain.”  Indeed.  As Philip and Dr. Walach discuss on this show, eventually the tipping point will be reached and materialism, the doctrine that the world consists only of impersonal particles and forces, with no purpose, meaning, or goal, will pass away into history.

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