Dr. Herbert van Erkelens: Wolfgang Pauli and the ring i

Theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli discovered through his dreams and his active imagination ‘The Piano Lesson’ a dimension beyond quantum physics and depth psychology connected with love and synchronicity. A Chinese lady offered him in the Piano Lesson a ring that would enable to stay in contact with that dimension. Inside the ring there was an energy present, personified as an inner teacher and turned from lead into gold. The ring is known in mathematics as the complex unit circle and in physics as the heart of quantum physics. It is the ring i where i stands for the imaginary unit. The energy inside the ring represents a consciousness still unknown either to quantum physics or depth psychology, the sacred consciousness of the inner Christ.

Dr Herbert van Erkelens studied physics, mathematics and astronomy. He took a PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Amsterdam. As a student of Marie-Louise von Franz he devoted his life to the awakening of the Divine Feminine. He is the author of several books in the field of quantum physics, alchemy, number archetypes and crop circles. He studied the later dreams of theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli who was the dreamer from Psychology and Alchemy. He wrote a commentary on The Piano Lesson, an active imagination by Pauli that bridges the gap between quantum physics and depth psychology. Recently he wrote a story about a Jewish Grail knight who succeeds to find Sara, the lost Grail princess, and brings the cup of the Grail to Camelot, the castle of Queen Guinevere.

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