Kosmos Journal Call for Essays – In Harmony with All Life


Editor’s note: Provided below is the original message shared by Kosmos with the details about submission requirements.

Dear Friends of Kosmos,

Twice a year Kosmos invites our readers to submit an essay up to 830 words. We choose two or three essays to publish in our hard copy Kosmos Journal and several others in Kosmos Online and on our website.

We are preparing the next issue of Kosmos Journal and hope you will participate. Your essay can be on any dimension of the Kosmos mission: Global Transformation in Harmony with All Life.

Here are few ideas to consider:

New Paradigm | Where do you see fundamental shifts occurring in the basic concepts and practices of a discipline or way of being?

Engaged Ecology | How are you responding personally or as a community to the sacred call of the Earth?

Conscious Evolution | What capacities for shaping and co-creating our collective future do you see emerging at this time?

New Civilization | What does the phrase “building the new civilization” mean to you? Is our increasingly interconnected, high-tech society bringing us closer together or dividing us in new ways? Are we heading toward a multicultural, tolerant, planetary civilization? Why or why not?

Transformative Politics | We will be publishing just before the US election – What are your most revolutionary ideas for our political future?

This is an opportunity for you to share your work and expertise with an engaged international audience. It is also an opportunity for Kosmos to learn more about you and your work in service to our mutual mission.

Due: September 1, 2016

830 word maximum (due to limits of space)


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