Launch of Galileo Commission Report – Science Beyond a Materialist Worldview



Science beyond a Materialist Worldview


Chaired by Dr Peter Fenwick and David Lorimer

Wednesday 31 October, 7-9 pm

Lucas Theatre, King’s College London (Strand Campus), WC2R 2LS


Supported by an eminent international advisory board, the Galileo Commission ( has consulted widely before producing this landmark report written by Prof Dr Harald Walach. Like the philosophy professor in Galileo’s Padua, many academics ‘pertinaceously refuse’ to ‘look through the telescope’ at evidence that seems to call into question the adequacy of the current scientific paradigm, especially in relation to the nature of consciousness. The report sets out the case for a more open, expanded version of science that integrates consciousness and the phenomenology of first person experiences into its remit, providing a broader epistemological and ontological framework and leading to a deeper understanding of reality.

Professor Harald Walach is a researcher at the interface between medicine, psychology and consciousness studies. He holds a double Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and History and Theory of Science.  He has authored more than 170 peer reviewed papers, 14 books and more than 100 book chapters.  He is editor of the Journal “Complementary Medicine Research”, associate editor of the journals “Mindfulness” and editor of the Springer book series “Neuroscience, Consciousness, Spirituality”. He currently teaches mindfulness to international medical students at the Poznan Medical University in Poland, and philosophical foundations of psychology to psychology undergraduates at the University Witten-Herdecke’s in Germany. He is founding director of the Change Health Science Institute in Berlin.

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