Dr. Mike King: Quakernomics: An Ethical Capitalism

The Quaker George Cadbury was considered by his biographer to be both a businessman and a mystic. In this talk Mike King explores the role of religion and spirituality in the origins and legacy of the Industrial Revolution, and the implications of the Quaker ethos for an ethical capitalism. This is the subject of his new book, ‘Quakernomics: An Ethical Capitalism’, one which spans the disciplines of religion, science and economics. The Cadburys were only one of many Quaker families whose enterprises shaped the British economy. Does their example give us a way forward for re-shaping contemporary capitalism on ethical lines?

Dr Mike King is an independent interdisciplinary scholar and writer. He is author of ‘Secularism’, ‘Postsecularism’, ‘The American Cinema of Excess’, ‘The Angel of Har Megiddo’ and in addition to his new book on Quakernomics he is publishing a book on religion and film called ‘Luminous’, both of these last two books being due out in early 2014. His writings are listed in the website below.


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