Mystics & Scientists 2020


Re-enchanting the World –

Consciously Connecting with the Deep Wisdom of Nature

Horsley Park, Surrey, 17-19 April 2020


Speakers: Anna Breytenbach, Prof. Paco Calvo, Fred Hageneder, Heidi Herrmann, Pea Horsley, David Lorimer, Shakti Caterina Maggi, Judith Prager, Dr Rupert Sheldrake

Come and join us at the 2020 annual Mystics and Scientists conference – for over 40 years these meetings have been dedicated to forging a creative understanding of the complementary roles of scientific and mystical approaches to reality. Our topical theme this year is our relationship with the natural world, including interspecies communication with mammals, plants and trees. The emphasis will be on consciously connecting with and learning from the deep wisdom of nature represented by the lives and rhythms of bees, dogs and cats, horses, elephants, dolphins, plants and trees. All our speakers are international experts in their respective fields and have a huge amount to share.

The conference will provide you with a highly engaging and creative opportunity to come together with like-minded people in a spirit of exploration and dialogue. You will leave not only with an enhanced understanding of the theme in terms of your own wellbeing but also with new contacts and friendships to continue the conversation.

What people say about our events:

A wonderful, stimulating, thought-provoking and warm-hearted weekend.         

Non-stop delightful discovery and endless conversation.

I value the people and connections as much as the subject and speakers.

My second event. It gets better and better. I feel isolated in London. Here I get a sense of ‘group’. Fabulous talks.



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