Network Review Spring 1987

Issue No: 33




  • The Mystical Experience of Loss of Freedom – A Political Prisoner –> broken link
  • Transplants and Brain-Death – Neville Hodgkinson –> broken link
  • Science and The Modern World – A. N. Whitehead –> broken link
  • The Relevance of Astrology – Beata Bishop –> broken link



  • Note from The 1981 Research Steering Group of The S.M.N – Jean Kollerstrom
  • Some Comments on The Article by Michael Watson in the S.M.N. Newsletter No.32 – Dr. Jean Kollerstrom
  • Magic or Miracle – Gerben Andriessen


Network Notices


Forthcoming Events

Book Reviews


  • The Particle Explosion, by Frank Close, Michael Marten and Christine Sutton

History and Philosophy of Science

  • The Wisdom of Science, by Hanbury Brown
  • The Arch of Knowledge, by David Oldroyd
  • Philosophy of Science – The Natural Sciences in Christian Perspective, by Del Ratzsch

Holistic Health and Medicine

  • Imagery in Healing – Sharmanism and Modern Medicine, by Dr. Jeanne Achterberg
  • Holistic Living, by Patrick Pietroni
  • Beyond Illness, by Larry Dossey
  • Third Line Medicine – Modern Treatment for Persistent Symptoms, by Melvyn R. Werbach


  • Transformations of Consciousness – Conventional and Contemplative Perspectives on Development, edited by Ken Wilber, Jack Engler and Daniel P. Brown
  • The Psychology of Nuclear Conflict, edited by Ian Fenton
  • A Critical Dictionary of Jungian Analysis, by Andrew Samuels, Bani Shorter and Fred Plant; Aspects of the Feminine, by C. G. Jung
  • On Death and Dreams – A Jungian Perspective, by Marie Louise von Franz

Parapsychology/Psychical Research

  • The Limits of Influence – Psychokinesis and the Philosophy of Science, by Stephen E. Braude
  • Far Journeys, by Robert A. Monroe

Spiritual Studies

  • Hidden Man, by Paul Beard
  • Life between Life, by Dr Joel L. Whitton


  • The Dance of Change – An Eco-Spiritual Approach to Transformation, by Michael Lindfield
  • The Intimate and the Ultimate, by Vinoba Bhave, edited by Satish Kumar
  • A Human Approach to World Peace, by The Dalai Lama

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