Network Review Spring 2001

Issue No: 75



Personal Experience

  • Brief Introduction to Inner Science – Amrit Sorli


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Book Reviews

Science and the Philosophy of Science

  • Voodoo Science – The Road from Foolishness to Fraud Robert L. Park
  • Man, Beast and Zombie – What Science Can and Cannot Tell us About Human NatureKenan Malik
  • The Faith Of Biology And The Biology Of Faith: Order, Meaning, and Free Will in Modern Science Robert Pollack
  • The ‘Creed Of Science’ In Victorian England Roy M. MacLeod

Medicine and Health

  • Integrated Cancer Care: Holistic, Complementary, and Creative Approaches ed Jennifer Barraclough
  • Heart and Soul: the Therapeutic Face of Philosophy ed Chris Mace (SMN)
  • Vibrational Medicine For The 21st Century Richard Gerber
  • Healing Ways: A Doctor’s Guide to Healing Dr Robin Kelly
  • Healing Sick Houses: – Dowsing for Healthy Homes Roy and Ann Procter (SMN)

Religion and Philosophy

  • Religion and Scientific Naturalism: Overcoming the Conflicts David Ray Griffin (SMN)
  • The Tao Of The West J.J. Clarke (SMN)
  • Intuition Hope K. Fitz (SMN)


  • The Taboo Of Subjectivity B. Alan Wallace
  • Esp Of Quarks And Superstrings Stephen M. Phillips (SMN)
  • After Death Communication Louis E. LaGrand
  • Messages and Miracles Louis E. LaGrand
  • Destiny of Souls Michael Newton
  • The Soul Of Psychotherapy Carlton Cornett
  • A Woman’s Spiritual Journey Joan Borysenko (SMN)
  • Spiritual Intelligence: Awakening the power of your spirituality and intuition Michal Levin (SMN)

Ecology/Economics/Future Studies

  • From Politics Past To Politics Future Alan Mayne (SMN)
  • Sacred Gaia Anne Primavesi


  • Ssotbme Revised – An Essay On Magic Ramsey Dukes
  • Words Made Flesh Ramsey Dukes
  • The Good The Bad The Funny Adamai Philotunus
  • In Quest Of Spirit: Thoughts on Music Jonathan Harvey

Books in Brief

Science/Philosophy of Science




Future Studies/Economics/Ecology



Death and Dying

News from Council – Chris Clarke

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