Network Review Summer 1996

Issue No: 61



The Network Ethos: a personal view – Diana Clift


  • Frequently Asked Questions about Parapsychology: a ‘State of the Art’ Review – Editor: Dr. Dean I. Radin
  • Language in the Human Potential Movement – Dr. Lawrence LeShan
  • The New Physics and the Wholistic Self – Emmanuel Ransford
  • Fuzzy Thinking – Prof. Guy Claxton
  • Free Energy? Water as Fuel? – Dr. Roger Taylor


  • The Seventh Continental Members’ Meeting: Schloß Weißenstein, Weißenstein, Germany 15-17 March 1996 –Teun Timmers
  • Mystics and Scientists Conference 19. The Nature of Energy: science and the subtle – Roger Taylor
  • The 1996 May Dialogue. The Participatory Mind: towards a world-view for the 21st century – Chris Clarke
  • The 1996 Annual Gathering. De Voorde Centre, Venlo, The Netherlands – Kevin Ashbridge


  • Musings on Information of a Higher Quality
  • The Participatory Mind
  • The Healing Effect
  • A Case for Psychometry

Personal Experiences

  • A Further Instance of Preternatural Knowledge – Dr. Derek Anton-Stephens
  • Selected Dreams and Exceptional Human Experiences – Diana Fynn

Network News and Notices

Members’ News and Notices

Members’ Articles

News and Notices

Forthcoming Events

Book Reviews

Science/Philosophy of Science

  • About Time – Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution, by Paul Davies
  • The Essence of Chaos, by Edward Lorenz
  • Inference to the Best Explanation, by Peter Lipton
  • Mind, Matter and Quantum Mechanics, by Henry P. Stapp
  • Reality Through the Looking Glass, by C. J. S. Clarke


  • Timeless Healing, the Power and Biology of Belief, by Herbert Benson, MD with Marg Stark
  • Psychiatry and Religion: Context, Consensus and Controversies, edited by Dinesh Bhugra
  • AIDS: The Failure of Contemporary Science, by Neville Hodgkinson
  • Light Emerging, by Barbara Brennan
  • A Healer’s Journey, by Sree Chakravarti

Religion and Philosophy

  • Paradigm Wars: Worldviews for a New Age, by Mark B. Woodhouse
  • Ethics in an Age of Technology, by Ian Barbour; An Ethic for the Age of Space, by Lawrence LeShan; Yes to a Global Ethic, edited by Hans Küng
  • The Hallelujah Revolution: The Rise of the New Christians, by Ian Cotton
  • Meditations on the Tarot, anonymous
  • Dictionary of Ethics, Theology and Society, edited by Paul Barry Clarke and Andrew Linzey; Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth Century Philosophers, edited by Stuart Brown, Diané Collinson and Robert Wilkinson


  • Sex, Ecology and Spirituality, by Ken Wilber; A Brief History of Everything, by Ken Wilber
  • Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ, by Daniel Goleman
  • Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian Weiss; Through Time to Healing, by Brian Weiss; Only Love is Real, by Brian Weiss

Ecology/Economics/Future Studies

  • Chaos and the Evolving Ecological Universe, by Sally J. Goerner
  • Paradigms in Progress: Life Beyond economics, by Hazel Henderson
  • In the Absence of the Sacred, by Jerry Mander
  • Science for the Earth, edited by Tom Wakeford and Martin Walters
  • Ecoyoga, by Henryk Skolimowski


  • Hypocrisy and Dissent within the Findhorn Foundation: Towards a Sociology of a New Age Community, by Stephen J. Castro
  • The Road Ahead, by Bill Gates
  • The Values of Precision, edited by M. Norton Wise
  • The Poetics of Mind, by Raymond W. Gibbs
  • Chartres and the Birth of the Cathedral, by Titus Burckhardt

Books in Brief

Science/Philosophy of Science




Futures Studies/Economics/Ecology


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