Network Review Summer 1997

Issue No: 64



Madness in the Method – Mary Midgley



Personal Experiences

  • Three Dreams – Willis Harman
  • A Paranormal Event in October 1943 – Alan Bradfield
  • The Future Accurately Forseen – Aurele Prins


  • Energy and Consciousness
  • Energy Talk
  • Psychoanalysis and Radical Myth
  • Theories of Evolution: the forgotten work of René Quinton
  • The Healing Effect

Network News and Notices

Members’ News and Notices

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News and Notices

Forthcoming Events

Book Reviews

Science and the Philosophy of Science

  • The Web of Life; A New Synthesis of Mind and Matter by Fritjof Capra
  • Gender and Science: late nineteenth century debates on the female mind and body ed. Katharina Rowold
  • Blindness of Modern Science by Undo Uus
  • Mathematics from the Birth of Numbers by Jan Gulberg

Medicine and Health

  • Medical Marriage: the new partnership between orthodox and complementary medicine by Dr Cornelia Featherstone and Lori Forsyth
  • Spontaneous Healing by Andrew Weil, MD
  • The Psalms of Children: their songs and laments by Ursula M. Anderson, MD
  • The Good News about Cancer by B. Richards & F. Hourigan
  • Second Sight: the personal story of a psychiatrist clairvoyant by Judith Orloff, MD

Religion and Philosophy

  • Divine Will and the Mechanical Philosophy by Margaret J.Osler; Atoms, Pneuma and Tranquillity ed. by Margaret J. Osler
  • Prayers of the Cosmos by Neil Douglas-Klotz; Desert Wisdom by Neil Douglas-Klotz
  • Gurdjieff: Essays and Reflections on the Man and his Teaching edited by Jacob Needleman and George Baker
  • A Philosophy of Matter & Mind by Gerhard D. Wassermann
  • Religion and Science – History, Method, Dialogue edited by W. Mark Richardson and Wesley J. Wildman; Science and Religion – From Conflict to Conversation by John F. Haught
  • Serious Talk by John Polkinghorne; Scientists as Theologians by John Polkinghorne

Psychology and Consciousness Studies

  • The Conscious Mind: in search of a fundamental theory by D. Chalmers
  • Transpersonal Psychotherapy ed. by Seymour Boorstein
  • The Near Death Experience: a reader ed. by Lee W. Bailey & Jenny Yates
  • The Lucid Dreamer – A Waking Guide for the Traveller Between Worlds by Malcolm Godwin
  • On Dialogue by David Bohm
  • All in the Mind at Large? by Archie Roy; The Archives of the Mind by Archie Roy
  • Oriental Enlightenment by J.J. Clarke

Ecology, Economics, Futures Studies

  • Earthcare by Carolyn Merchant
  • Need, Greed or Freedom by John Whitmore
  • Re-Visioning the Earth by Paul Devereux
  • Healing Through Earth Energies by Judy Jacka


  • Grooming, Gossip and the Evolution of Language by Robin Dunbar
  • Spiritual Path, Sacred Place: myth, ritual and meaning in architecture by Thomas Barrie
  • Benjaya’s Gifts by M’haletta and Carmella B’Hahn

Video Reviews

  • The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos, with Brian Swimme
  • The Hero’s Journey – A Biographical Portrait of Joseph Campbell
  • Gaia Theory, with James Lovelock
  • The Politician Within, Andrew Samuels in Conversation

Books in Brief

Science/Philosophy of Science



Future Studies/Economics/Ecology



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