Network Review Summer 1998

Issue No: 67




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Chris Lyons – Keith Beasley – John Rowan


  • Consciousness: Research or Realisation?
  • Values Education, Ethical Behaviour and Spirituality
  • Spontaneous Raising of Kundalini Energy: Pseudo-Schizophrenia or Spiritual Disease?
  • The Aura and Reality – A Hippocratic Oath for Scientists

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Book Reviews

Science and the Philosophy of Science

  • Genetic Engineering – Dream or Nightmare? by Dr Mae-Wan Ho
  • Other Ways of Knowing by John Broomfield
  • Authentic Knowing by Imants Baruss
  • The Life of the Cosmos by Lee Smolin
  • Solarian Legacy by Paul von Ward

Medicine and Health

  • Mind-Body Medicine ed Alan Watkins
  • Medicine and Culture: Illness and Healing Alternatives in Western Europe ed Guswijt-Hofstra, Marland and Waardt
  • Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter Levine
  • A Change of Heart by Sylvia and Novak
  • Complementary Medicine ed Edzard Ernst

Religion and Philosophy

  • The Significance of Free Will by Robert Kane
  • Metaphilosophy and Free Will by Richard Double
  • Playing God by Ted Peters
  • Solarian Legacy by Paul von Ward
  • So That You May Be ONE by Sardello, Hill and Schoeder-Sheker
  • Mirages of Western Science Resolved by Occult Science by E. D. Bilimoria
  • Finding Enlightenment: Ramtha’s School of Ancient Wisdom by J. Gordon Melton
  • Human Nature and the Millenium by Malcolm Jeeves
  • Threads of Time: A Memoir by Peter Brook
  • Shadows of Heaven: Gurdjieff and Toomer by Paul Beekman Taylor

Psychology and Consciousness Studies

  • The Marriage of Sense and Soul by Ken Wilber
  • Midwifery of the Soul: A Holistic Perspective on Psychoanalysis by Margaret Arden
  • The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Meaning by James Hillman
  • Journey of Souls by Michael Newton
  • Discovering the Soul by Robert G. Jarmon
  • Mind Trek by Joseph McMoneagle
  • The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Gustav Jung by Richard Noll
  • Once Upon ASOUL by Joyce Kovelman

Ecology, Economics, Futures Studies

  • Water,Electricity and Health by Alan Hall
  • Wake Up Sweden: The Future is Here by Jens Jerndal
  • The Breathing Cathedral by Martha Heyneman


  • Empowering Ourselves and Transforming Schools by Judith W. Irwin
  • Can You Teach Creativity? by Anna Craft et al
  • Encouraging Learning by Nixon, Martin, McKeown and Ransom
  • Spiritual Path, Sacred Place: Myth, Ritual and Meaning in Architecture by Thomas Barrie
  • Sacred Pleasure: Sex, Myth & The Politics of the Body by Raine Esler
  • The Time Trap by Alec Mackenzie
  • Egypt’s Legacy: The Archetypes of Western Civilisation 3000-30 B.C by Michael Rice

Books in Brief

Science/Philosophy of Science




Future Studies/Economics/Ecology


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