Network Review Summer 1999

Issue No: 70




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  • Introduction: What TASTE is About – Charles T. Tart


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Science and the Philosophy of Science

  • Brave New Worlds: Genetics and the Human Experience Bryan Appleyard
  • Beyond Evolution: Human Nature and the Limits of Evolutionary Explanation Anthony O’Hear
  • The Bohm-Biederman Correspondence: David Bohm and Charles Biederman ed Paavo Pylkkanen
  • Space from Zeno to Einstein: Classic readings with a contemporary commentary ed Nick Huggett
  • The Fabric of Reality David Deutsch

Medicine and Health

  • Planet Medicine, Volume I, Origins, Volume II, Modalities Richard Grossinger
  • Pathway Into Sunrise Esme Ellis
  • The Therapeutic Relationship in Complementary Health Care Annie Mitchell and Maggie Cormack
  • Medicine for the Whole Person E. K. Ledermann

Religion and Philosophy

  • In the Dark Places of Wisdom Peter Kingsley
  • Whatever Happened to the Soul? eds Warren S. Brown, Nancy Murphy and H Newton Malony
  • From Soul to Self ed M. James C. Crabbe
  • Jesus The Son of Man Kahlil Gibran
  • The Golden Rule Jeffrey Wattles
  • Utopias, Dolphins and Computers Mary Midgeley (SMN)
  • Anima: Evidence of a Yogic Siddhi Stephen M. Phillips (SMN)


  • On the Sublime: in Psychoanalysis, Archetypal Psychology and Psychotherapy Ed. Petruska Clarkson
  • Buddha’s Nature: Evolution as a Practical Guide to Enlightenment Wes Nisker
  • Human Nature and the Millenium: Reflections on the Integration of Psychology and Christianity Malcolm Jeeves
  • The Pool of Memory Michal Levin
  • The Hidden Door Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick The Inner Eye Joan Windsor

Ecology/Economics/Future Studies

  • Religion and the Order of Nature Seyyed Hossein Nasr (SMN)
  • Biopiracy Vandana Shiva
  • Third Millennium Equipoise Vinod Saighal


  • Rewriting the Self: histories from the Renaissance to the present ed Roy Porter

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Future Studies/Economics/Ecology


Death and Dying

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